Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Bristol Weekend

Well I thought after the Belfast weekend I wouldn't have much to blog about but still have managed to cram a few more things into another week.

Last Thursday saw a tragedy when our microwave died after 28 years of use:( I was very sadded as it felt part of the family. We know for sure its age because we lived in America for one year and the church Mr P was working at as a leaving gift gave us the money to buy a microwave when we returned to the UK. In those days not many people had microwaves but in America nearly every home had one and they were shocked to hear that we didn't own one!

Well I guess its having a well deserved rest in the heavenly scrap yard.

Saturday morning spent time with my dad at Dobbies, Atherstone eating their yummy cooked breakfasts and drinking lots of tea whilst catching up on all our news. I love going there as they have a pet store and I can become a little kid again going all gooey over the rabbit cages. They also have an amazing amount of fish tanks and there they sell fish that I can hardly believe they are real because they look like something I would have coloured in a colouring book.

This is my favourite sort of breakfast. The fruits were lovely. The reason for going was No 3's hubby was being baptised and he wanted Mr P to help at the service. So it was a real privilege to go.

Followed by lunch out at a local carvery with some other friends. It was lovely to spend some time together.

Don't like rubbing out their faces but thought you might like to see "Nemo" now 30 weeks brewed!

Well what with all this gallivanting the cookery book challenge has been suffering. During the last few weeks I have only accomplished 2 recipes - oooh heck.

I forgot to take a photo and this was all that was left. Recipe that used lots of eggs as not cooking much and the girlies laying well meant I had a bountiful supply to use.

Looks a bit better in this picture!

Today I managed to use a recipe for a sauce out of another book. Strange how one gets cravings for some food but I suddenly realised I was desperate for a plat of veggie troubles and a cheese sauce. I remember mum used to cook cauliflower cheese with sauté potatoes - used to love that dinner.

Mr P ate at church today - he took one look at my dinner and said "where's the meat?" I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I made the Mornay sauce, variation.

This book No 2, son, borrowed when he was at university as it is good as a reference book for many cooking techniques.

43 books used. 84 books to go. 244 days to go to the end of the challenge.

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