Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Easter Monday

Time for a different story line other than food or crafting. Monday Mr P and I had some time together but the only trouble was we were both exhausted from the weekend - so we had a very casual morning not getting dressed till around 11am! Then in the afternoon we headed south for Braunston to have a walk by a canal. We just so love walking by water and it seems ages since we've last done this.

It was bitterly cold and took us about 15 minutes before we acclimatised to the temperature.

I just love seeing these barges and the old desire to have some time on one rears its head again. I'm pretty sure I've seen the Fellows Morton boat before at Foxton Locks.

Saw the first lambs of the year. They've obviously been about for longer but I guess this is the first time we've had a walk for ages. It was great to hear their bleats.

They were selling ice cream here but don't think there was anyone wanting to buy any.

Anyway after a pleasant walk we headed to the local pub for not a beer but a mug of hot drinking chocolate. It was not the best drinking chocolate in the world but it did come with an attractive view.

Back home for dinner and a nice murder - Jonathan Creek.

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