Wednesday, 8 October 2014

New Love In My Life! - EBike

I have a new love in my life. No do not worry everything is fine with Mr P and myself. This love comes with two wheels. For a while I have been thinking and hearing about e-bikes. I won't bore you with why I am only getting it now - after the summer has well and truly finished! I have been wanting to get one to use to get to work so that I am getting some exercise. My job is rather sedentary and some days I get home and feel as if my legs ache from sitting still soo long. So after much reading and searching around I finally went to E-Bikes, Leicester in Granby Street. I parked the car in Dover Street Car Park and hummed and aarghed as to how long I should pay to park. Decided to go with a 2 hour ticket thinking that I bet I'll be cross with myself for wasting one hours parking unused. Well I was very wrong as later on I had to go and put another hour onto the ticket! Three hours in a very ordinary sized shop - hearing how the bikes work, all the ins and outs etc etc. Then came the time I was almost dreading - going out on a test ride! Fortunately Mr P was with me and so was the owner. I was sweating like mad, terrified I was going to fall off and wreck their bikes. But no I managed to stay on and after five minutes I started to relax a little. Very quickly I knew which bike was for me. Back at the shop and after payment the man said I could take the bike there and then. But having come by car this was not possible so he offered to deliver it in a few days time. I was dizzy with excitment, I became like a small child and when Thursday came I could hardly wait for him to come. I kept peering out of the window and there she was all shiny and sparkly - Wrennie.

Isn't she lovely. The bike has three ways of being used - either by half pedalling and half with battery, use it as an ordinary bike or if I go out too far and get tired then I can switch it onto a throttle where it will reach a top speed of 15mph.

The reason for the name "Wrennie" is because of her model name. Most people have the next model up but my legs are too short! Liam runs the shop and he is amazing when he said he would deliver the bike he cycled her to my home and then spent another 45 minutes running through various different instructions. So if you live in Leicestershire and are thinking of doing something similar then I would really recommend this shop. They also service the bike, do repairs and offer this to other bike owners. It took me a while to get my clinics sorted out with stock as I couldn't carry this all on the bike but now I am a very happy e-bike owner. Have cycled everyday even though it has rained everyday! Sorry I'm to blame for the bad weather!

Now don't worry I have panniers on in these pictures but I do have a basket with buntings in the process of being made! Panniers for work - basket for pleasure outings!

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