Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Wedding Memories

Today it is looking like this but I am thinking about fond memories of past weddings.

Last night some friends came to discuss their wedding plans. The lovely young couple want Mr P to bless their wedding. They are getting married in a tiny church near Rutland Water. They went driving around and found a lovely old boarding school -thought this would make a great venue for a reception. So they were bold and drove up the drive, knocked on the door and asked if they could use the building. A week later they were given the go ahead. Weddings are so much more fun than when Mr P and I got married. For us it was a traditional church service followed by a sit down meal above the local pub and a band played in the evening.

Our children's' weddings were so much more fun/adventurous. No. 1 got married in a castle in Scotland, No 2 had a chocolate fountain, No 3 in a tree house and No 4 not married yet but I have a feeling it will involve us all abseiling or on a kayak!

Mr P has also been asked to marry another lovely young couple in Marrakesh, Morocco, in September. The only trouble is that means two wedding outfits to buy - aaargh! I hate clothes shopping.

I thought I was going to be able to go "Tadah" with a finished project but it's not quite completed. A while ago whilst looking in a box of photographs I found an unfinished cross stitch - Celtic bell pull. So decided it must be finished, had a terrible shock to realise since starting this project I now have to wear glasses and use a magnifying glass too! Hopefully soon you'll be able to see the finished article - only 9 years late!

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