Friday, 6 April 2012

6th April 2012 - Before and After

Definitely a before and after in various ways. Had to complete three online assessments in order to get paid next month and keep up with my accreditation. Before - trembling and afterwards relief.

Then there is a before with tidying the bedroom that stores all my work stuff.

Oh what a terrible mess.

But look now.

I'll be able to find all my work stuff now and know what I am short of! Feel very pleased with myself. Time for a reward - tea and cake. Then time to pack as I'm off to Northumberland for a few days with masses of crafting projects to do! So no posting till next Wednesday.

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  1. Could you be persuaded to offer your tidying services on an out-sourced, contractual basis? -I know another crafty who can barely get into her den for the amount of 'stuff' on the floor...