Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Easter Hols

Just come back from a lovely few days staying in Northumberland, in my other home! Yes I know it's a bit confusing, no I'm not rich having two homes! It's just that Mr P is a minister of religion and we live in a church house in Leicestershire and have a small home that we and the bank own up north to retire to. This was the first time I'd ever been to Holy Island at Easter time and there were masses of celebrations going on. Felt very "eastered" out after the weekend and definitely deserved my Easter Eggs!.

Went on lovely walks and enjoyed a new walk across Doddington Moor. All around is just bursting with new life.

Just love the colours, and hearing the birds sing and lambs bleating - such an exciting time of the year. Also love looking across the fields and seeing all the new growth of crops. At this time of year the rape seed is looking so bright - sorry for any of you who are allergic to it!
Oh of course when I was not out walking then I was busy at the cottage making a new bunting for the living room.

 Not very easy to take a photograph of the bunting, but each bird was hand embroidered, everyone is different.

Also took with me some cross stitch that I had started many years ago to complete - but sadly discovered that I could not do it as I couldn't see the holes to poke my needle through! Oh dear - this is very sad, old age catching up.

You can click on any of the photographs to see a larger version.

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