Saturday, 21 April 2012

Northampton Outing

Mrs A and myself have had a lovely day out to Northampton. First stop was "Daily Bread". A wonderful outlet that sells masses of yummy dried fruits, nuts, flour, spices, pulses etc etc.
I had forgotten that there was a lovely garden centre next door where people who have varying degrees of disability grow plants and make wonderful things for the garden out of wood. Mrs A was very sensible and bought some geranium plants whilst I went for tomato plants, a red pepper plant, green beans and some terracotta plant tags.

 You may or may not see these plants again depending on whether I manage to grow or kill them!

OK you may be forgiven for wondering what the heck we were doing going all that way to Northampton if it was only to buy some food and plants. Yes we finally made our destination - hours after leaving home! This being the Charles Rennie Mackintosh House, near to the Derngate Theatre. It is an amazing small home that was lived in by a wealthy couple Mr and Mrs W.J. Bassett-Lowke. They asked Mackintosh to redesign their meagre home into this amazing designer home.

Being two girlies, let out for the day, by our ever patient hubbies, we giggled our way around the home. First stop was the video room where we tried in vain to get the thing running but couldn't. Then decided perhaps we were not supposed to touch the remote controls and bid a hasty retreat -  wondering whether we were being watched on some security camera. Next stop was to put on some fancy outer shoe wear - no we were not entering an operating theatre but we looked as if we were.

Fortunately we missed the tour because I know we would have embarrassed ourselves by giggling yet again. The guide was rather full of herself and spent what seemed an eternity in each room, nagging people not to touch this or that! Just out of naughtiness I went and touched a wall! Shocking!
Here are some photographs of the rooms.

Some of the rooms I think we might all find too dark. But the next picture is the guests bedroom. How on earth could anyone sleep in this room without getting a migraine is beyond me!


The other reason for our foray to this house was a small exhibition of quilts. So I'll just show you some of my favourite ones.

As you can see some beautiful quilts done by some very talented ladies of Northants.

By this time Mrs A and myself are feeling quite faint from lack of sustenance, decided we were too naughty to eat in the posh dining area there and went back into the town centre. Ended up at the large All Saints Chruch where we enjoyed a yummy lunch. Thought you might enjoy the pictures on the toilets.

Thanks to Mrs A for a lovely day.

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  1. >Mrs A was very sensible

    Well, there's a first time for everything...

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