Friday, 20 April 2012


The other day, in the supermarket, I saw a lovely new magazine - called "Landscape". It looked so delicious that I bought it. Today at work lots of my clients did not turn up so I had plenty of time to absorb and read some of the lovely articles.

One of the articles answered a problem that me and Mr P had encountered when we went for a walk through some woods in Northumberland. It was a rather remote woods with very few people ever walking through them. As we tried desperately to navigate our way through them we heard a gun shot and shortly afterwards another one! Being real townies we were a bit scared so we talked very loudly to make sure that whoever was shooting was aware of our presence. We noticed that these shots only happened every 15 minutes or so. We did wonder why this was. Well reading this great magazine it talks about rape seed oil and how the birds can eat half a kilogram a day so bird scarers are used to keep them at bay! Next to the woods were fields of rape! How foolish we were!

Read another article about cuckoos. I had forgotten that they are parasitic birds.  In other words the female lays eggs in other birds nests and lets them get on with the job of feeding and rearing her young! Trying to imagine doing that with my four children - driving around looking for someone else to raise them! Can you imagine what Social Services would say and all the CRB checks that would need carrying out! The other thing that is amazing is when the cuckoo chick hatches before it can even open its eyes it kicks out the other eggs in the nest so it gets all the attention and food from the foster mother!

The bird on the left is the foster mother and the baby cuckoo is on the right!

Looking forward to tomorrow as my friend Mrs A and myself are off to Northampton to the Renee Mackintosh House and also to a quilt exhibition being held there. Hopefully I'll have some photographs to show you next time I blog.

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