Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Garden Warfare

 I managed to get home from work today before any rain set in and mow the lawn. Also declared war on the chickens and improved on blocking their escape route to the rest of the garden. It doesn't look very pretty but it hasn't cost a penny - just used up things lying around.

Here's one of the chickens on patrol looking for an escape route. Trouble is the grass is literally greener on the other side. Don't you just love my windmill. When the wind gets up it goes flying around the two layers going in opposite directions. I'm sure you scientists out there know why they turn different ways. Also have some more windmills - they are slowly increasing in number!

 I do not have many flowers in this garden so I think these windmills cheer me and the garden up!

Well you may ask why have I gone to such great lengths to keep the chickens from escaping? Well if you read my blog on Saturday you'll know I bought some runner green bean plants. I planted them out today and I know if the chickens could get at them they'd eat them in minutes.

I've left some space in the second raised bed to plant out the tomato plants and red pepper plant when the weather is warmer. I hope I'll be able to show you more pictures of them growing - that is if the chickens, or me, or the weather don't destroy them!


  1. Love the windmills, be careful about your runner beans as they are quite tender plants and you don't normally plant them out until ALL risk of ground frost has gone. If you have a clear night where you can see the stars and the weather men are predicting a temperature of 5 c or below, you will need to protect them from the risk of ground frost which can be a difference of five degrees. Keep some newspaper or bubblewrap handy and wrap around them, securing with staplers or string. Hope this helps.. I am not planting mine out until the end of May! (at the earliest)

    1. Ooh thanks - I didn't realise. Any tips welcome!