Saturday, 14 April 2012

Lifes Little Mishaps

OK I forgot to mention last weeks little mishap. You see I was having a wonderful time mooching around the charity shops in Alnwick, looking at the Bric Brac, trying on clothes and looking at the books. Then I did buy some books and other odds and sods. I felt I was ready for a yummy lunch at Barter Books and of course you just have to look at their books too. Of course I only bought a few! Then yesterday I got my lovely books out to have a look at them only to discover I bought one book twice! Maybe it is time for me to open up an account there and sell back this duplicate book.

I can really recommend Barter Books have a look at their website or better still if you are near Alnwick make a trip and go there.

Mishap number two was this morning. For some bizarre reason my hair would just not stay where it should be so I decided the only course of action was to wash it again! Having not long had a wash I opted for putting my head in the shower rather than all my body - DISASTER! The shower head attacked me with cold water, I jumped back screaming and water covered the floor and walls!

Hopefully this is the last of my mishaps but its only 10am!

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