Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Mmmmm and Competition Time!

The last week has been rather an uninspiring week to write about. Saturday dad came and we spent a large chunk of the day making our Christmas cakes. Dad opted for a 9" cake and I an 11" cake. Of course the recipe came from Sr Delia - who else?!

Have had this book for some years now and it is well thumbed.

As you can see there has been much writing on this page. The different sizes came about when I used this recipe for No 1 daughter's wedding cakes.

It's a great recipe, the cake bakes at a very low temperature and consequently does not burn or dry out.

The smells from the oven filled the house - it was so hard to wrap the cake up and not take a sneaky bite.

But as we were relaxing, with a cuppa, after our hard efforts suddenly I saw this pile of dust! Mr P moved the DVD player and there it was!

This was my dad being cheeky - but I can't complain as he later on went to fix the bolt in the downstairs bathroom. This is good news for visitors. As previously if they went to the bathroom and No 3's dog Poppy is about she just went bursting in on them! It'll be fun next time Poppy visits when she tries to bash her way in!

Sunday was church in the morning followed by "ME" time. This means me being able to spend the whole afternoon and evening doing some crafts! Started making a quilt out of those lovely flannelette fat quarters. But I'm such a novice and goofed up a bit, as I cut some squares and some triangles but I didn't allow for the seam allowance! So  had to change the pattern and have the rows either all squares or all triangles. Oh well I guess this is how you learn. But here's a picture of what I have done so far - the rest of the material is all cut up and carefully labelled ready to sew. Don't worry I have plans for that boring plain green bit.

Still busy trying to put together my second crochet granny square cushion.

Oh to my shame I've just remembered Mr P and I went to a 50th birthday get together on Friday night with some old friends from Northants. It started off in a pub at Stoke Bruerne and then to the Indian restaurant by the side of the canal. We had a lovely evening and didn't get to bed till 00:45 - which is very very late for me!


OK - I know I promised you a home made prize but what with my shoulder still rather painful I am struggling to fulfil this promise. So I shall be getting a prize from one of the lovely local craft shops this weekend.

So here goes:-

To enter you need to guess how many cookery books I own? That's it. So simple. Either you can enter by replying at the end of this blog or sending it to this email address


I shall keep you informed as to what numbers people have been guessing and also will post a photograph of the prize at the weekend.
The closing date for the competition will be Tuesday 27th November 2012, 13:00.

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