Monday, 19 November 2012

Autumn and Update on Competition


Not too many entrants - maybe its a bit boring or the prize not so good, but here are the numbers so far.

Jane 47 books
Jenny 45 books
Jim 67 books
Mandy 125 books
Rebecca 135 books.
Esther 147 books. Just added 21.11.12
Jo 153 books, added 22.11.12

What do you think? Go on give it a go. Closing date is Tuesday 27th November 2012, 13:00.

Peering out of my bedroom window I couldn't help but notice what seemed to be almost a bed of leaves in next doors garden. This year I really seem to be noticing the leaves. Perhaps I am getting older and becoming more observant whereas when I was younger I was too busy to stop and look.

A lot of leaves have now fallen in the chicken run and I wondered today whether the girlies get enjoyment from shovelling the leaves around in their search for grubs and worms. Talking about the girlies I emailed my vet friend and he said that they will not be laying any more eggs until the daylight hours get longer! It goes against the grain having to buy eggs!

Also at this time of year I love to see the early morning frost in the garden. Again the leaves seem to take on a magical appearance.

I love sunny frosty mornings.

I have been having fun with my latest cookery book - just when I was beginning to think I didn't want any more. Then the television chefs entice us with more tantalising recipes - especially as Christmas approaches they all suddenly start producing a cook book. But this latest Jamie Oliver - 15 minutes recipes is good. It tells you how many calories are in each portion and they are balanced nutritionally.

 Oops forgot to move the wine out of the photograph!

Loved this recipe and even Mr P ate the tikka coated chicken breasts.

The golden chicken we had yesterday and have got leftovers for tomorrows dinner. What I noticed was that even after I had done all the preparation it still took me 20 minutes to cook! I must be getting slower or maybe I haven't got a back up crew to help me!

Have done this recipe twice. I have never cooked or eaten celeriac before and it is lovely, well worth trying. Having said I cannot prepare these meals in 15 minutes it also takes ages to do the washing up - not for the faint-hearted. This is a picture of the second pile I did after cooking the golden chicken recipe.

After the weekend when we have some friends coming from Leeds there will be no more fancy recipes as I have to work my way through the freezer - going to go where no man has been before! Or certainly not for a long time! Need to empty in order to be able to stock up for the family returning home at Christmas.


  1. From others that have used Jamies 15 or 30 minute meals, I've heard that they often take longer than how long he says they're going to. But then I also heard that when he was asked about this, he=is response was that the 15 mins starts when you have got all the ingredients out (and possibly weighed too).

  2. Does he also not include cutting and peeling the veggies etc outside of the 15 minutes? Isn't this a bit unfair and false advertising? At least I feel not so much a failure!