Thursday, 29 November 2012


Sorry readers have not had much time to write a blog for the last week. Life seems to have gone rather mad. I guess we are approaching that mad time of year when it feels as if the world gets put onto the  "fast forward" button. Last week I was busy at choir rehearsals, out for a meal with some lovely friends and then preparing for a weekend of visitors coming from Leeds. Oh also whilst they were here I had the choir concert to perform in! So this is my excuse for not blogging.
Also I have not been sleeping so well - think I've hit that menopausal age. (Sorry male readers you may want to skip to the next paragraph). Experiencing hot flushes, waking up in the night sweating having to throw off the duvet and then being frustrated because I cannot lie on my other side as it causes me too much pain with my damaged shoulder. Last night even though it was really cold I left the bedroom window open. Anyway enough whinging!
But throughout the chaotic week I did manage to read JK Rowlings new book - The Casual Vacancy. Oh dear cannot add a picture as my memory is used up. So will need to sort this out another time.
I am away for the weekend and will have lots of news to tell you all next time. Have a good weekend everyone.

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