Thursday, 16 May 2013


The last few days have felt rather dramatic. After a rather full weekend of visitors ending Monday at 8.30pm - I thought life was going to become mundane again. Oh how silly of me to think like that. As at 11.45pm, when I was well away with the fairies, we had someone telephone. They had gone home to discover two thieves in their home - how awful. So Mr P went round to help and I changed the bedclothes at midnight in a kind of sleep-drunk stupor, so that they could stay the night with us. These thieves were not the most intelligent as they cut themselves on glass and left their dna in the home. Hopefully this will be enough to lead to a conviction.
Tuesday ended up being a very busy day at work and I was just shattered from not having had enough sleep. Wednesday appointment with the nurse practitioner to be referred because I'm going a little deaf - oh and also she said I had an ear infection, so have some drops to use. Choir was rather hard work last night. Have a concert on 8th June and it's rather difficult music and certainly not really to my liking. But I'm sure it will sound better when it's being performed with a cellist. Thursday has been a rather trying day with various situations that are not directly to do with me but have left me not feeling at my best and what with my ears buzzing - think I shall be putting my grumpy body to bed early. Hopefully tomorrow will be an ordinary day.

But Saturday I am going out to play with my friend!!! Yes Mrs A and I are off on our travels and  can't wait. We're off to the Malverns, to the county showground for the annual Malverns quilt show - whoopee! Soooo looking forward to seeing all those wonderful handmade quilts. Have some spending money leftover from my birthday - not that I need anything but nice to know that I have some money if I see something I like. 

Hopefully the weather will not be like our last adventure.

As yesterday there was snow in Shropshire and Devon! Next blog will be full of our antics!

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