Thursday, 9 May 2013

Travels With Mr P

Oh boy I do not know where to begin - sooo much to say. Well perhaps I should start with my bag that I packed. At the bottom there are some clothes but the rest is full of wool, sewing gear and picnic!

Yes I had to take all my 17 balls of wool to continue knitting the babies blankets. Just to prove I did use the wool - here I am taking up lots of the table space on the train!

In case you've missed out on previous blogs - Mr P and I were on our way to Inverness for a long weekend to attend a wedding. It involved 5 trains there and 3 on the way back! It was great to be waiting for the last train to reach our destination - it felt as if we were having a real adventure.

 Anyway we left Leicester in beautiful sunshine and heat but come the fifth train the picture outside was rather different.

Yes there was snow! No more sunshine and it looked so much darker. Oh boy was it a shock when we left the train at Inverness - the temperature was freezing and it was raining too. But it was good to be able to walk to our Bed and Breakfast having been sitting so much of the day.

We found our treasure of accomodation Rossmount Guest House . The couple who run it are really welcoming and friendly, nothing is too much trouble for them.

The first morning I tried the haggis and black pudding. Have to say it was a bit too much for me first thing in the morning, as usually I eat porridge! Everything was beautifully cooked.

So full of food we had a day ahead to explore. Mr P arranged to hire a car and we ventured out up east coast. We were hoping to have traveled west but the forecast was heavy snow that way.  We went exploring around an area called Black Isle. Sorry but I cannot remember the name of this old cathedral, but having been partly destroyed it gives you a good cross section of a place of worship.

Then we had a stroll around this village that I fail to remember its name!

After stopping at various villages on the isle we reach our destination of Cromarty. Mr P excited to be here as on the shipping forecasts this town is always mentioned.

Of course I have to take a picture of boats. Thought this place was fascinating. I was overwhelmed to see oil rigs in the distance.

On a good day you can stop and watch bottlenosed dolphins in the harbour but today there was nothing but freezing temperatures and drizzle. After such a filling breakfast we didn't want much for lunch - this was a bit of a shame as we found this wonderful place Sutor Creek serving the most delightful food.

And some of the crockery has been bought from the local potter.

By the late afternoon the drizzle had turned to heavy rain, we were so cold that we headed back to the B & B. There I sat in the living room with a hot water bottle and a steaming cup of tea. But food was calling and so we braved the cold and wet and walked back into the town. Last night we found a bar called  The Room that has live music and a great cheap dinner menu. As the food was so good we opted to try another meal there. We were planning on staying for the music but the band didn't start till 10pm - oh dear we are getting old - that's bed time for us.

Saturday was the day of the wedding. After a wonderful nights sleep we ate a hearty breakfast but then I had a drama. Yes I can't seem to go to a wedding without something happening to me. This time it was a drama in my mouth! I only have one large filling, which I have had for nearly 20 years. Well on this morning it decided to break and leave me with a rather large hole! Aaaaaaagh! What do I do? The wonderful proprietors found a telephone number of the emergency services and after a few phone calls I got some appropriate advice. This involved a trip to the chemist to buy some poly filler! No not really but some proper dental filler. Then we headed back to the room where Mr P took off his reverend hat and became a dentist. I was shaking! Terrified that if we got it wrong my whole tooth would break up or I would get this poly filler stuck to all my teeth! But I needn't have worried my wonderful hubby did a brilliant job and mixed the paste, bunged up my hole and even tried to shape it into a tooth shape! It was only Mr P who got covered in filling, up his arms! Uugh! Not sure how! My mouth isn't that big!

Well back to Saturday and we headed back to the shops again to try and see a bit of Inverness.

There was much to see and only 45 minutes to do Inverness! But look what was outside this cafe!

Mmmmmm didn't think Inverness was this type of city! Trying to imagine what sort of counselling you get whilst receiving a Swedish massage!!!!!!

Found a wonderful book shop - Leakeys Second Hand Bookshop  Oh if only we had a little longer to browse.

Amazing eh! The shop is in what used to be an old Gaelic church.

Well time to get ready to go to the wedding. Poor Mr P had to prepare himself as he was doing the talk for the wedding service. The wedding took place in Strathpeffer and the reception at Tulloch Castle Dingwall.

At the church it became obvious that most of the guests had come from the south and the women were wearing flimsy dresses! But thank goodness the church heating was working! The service was lovely and Mr P, who did a good job, was much relieved to get his part over with. A few pictures were taken outside but then everyone headed over to the reception, where most of the pictures were taken indoors. As you know I don't like to put my friends pictures on the blog - hence no bride to be seen in the next two pictures.

We had a wedding tea with cream cakes, tea and the speeches. This was then followed by a ceildh. Great way to get warm.

After the dancing there was supposed to be a pig roast to have been served outside but it all had to be bought inside. Then afterwards more dancing.

Next day time to begin our journey homewards.

Can you spot what is wrong with this picture? Yes there is a yellow blob shining! Can you believe it just as we have to leave the weather alters! Typical!

Thought trains had a buffet car but it seems that those days have gone and it's more like being on an airplane with a trolley lady. Amazingly they store loads of food, snacks, drinks etc. I guess this is far more cost effective.

This time we had a two hour gap between trains at Edinburgh. So it was nice to step out of the station and soak up some of the atmosphere.

The piper was playing Highland Cathedral. This brings tears to our eyes as when our first daughter got married she and Mr P was piped into the castle with this tune.

 Back on the train and we realise that there is only one other person sharing the carriage with us! But by the time we reached Derby it was very full.

Note the wool on the table!

Berwick from the train - this is the bridge that I often photograph when we go to our home in Northumberland.

Now the next picture might look very blurry and you wonder what the heck it is doing here. But it the view is looking towards our house! Oh it was a good job the train was going so very fast otherwise I think Mr P and I would have been sorely tempted to have just jumped off the train.

And this was the view looking in the opposite direction. It is Holy Island.

Then shortly afterwards there was a lovely view of Alnmouth.

Eventually we arrive at Derby and with a thirty minute wait we catch the last train back to Leicester. But wonderfully waiting for us at Leicester was Mr and Mrs A. This saved Mr P having to go for a long walk to retrieve the car. Aren't friends wonderful? Well that's the end of our weekend away. Had a great adventure but lovely to be back home and to a warmer temperature of 18 rather than 4 degrees!

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