Thursday, 9 May 2013

May Day Holiday

The sun has got its hat off hip hip hooray.

After a wonderful lie in somehow I managed to get some washing done, a picnic made and out by 10am! Made a decision that this year we must use our national trust card more often. So with that in mind we headed out to Packwood House in Warwickshire.

The tour started with an introductory talk which helped to understand the history of the house.

It's not a huge house, no royalty lived there but it is an interesting home full of tapestries and famous for its collection of yew trees.

Sorry the colours look a bit washed out but it was to do with the lighting and not allowed to use the flash. The tapestries were vibrant and they had just been returned to the house after being cleaned! Hard to imagine how you go about doing that. Guess they didn't get thrown into the washing machine!

Took this picture just to prove they were tapestry and not a painting - can't imagine how long one of these took to make.

This one was fascinating as wherever you walked in the room it felt as if the Kings' eyes were watching you.

This was the view out of one of the bedroom windows.

It's such a shame that our bedrooms are not big enough these days to have four posters.

The bathroom was added later to the house. Isn't it gorgeous?

They are Delph tiles. Before the bathroom they used to use the plunge pool!

They also washed their clothes in here too!

Outside the sun is gleaming and the temperature in the low 20's - wow.

Throughout the grounds so many people were relaxing in the sunshine and having a picnic. So lovely to see this and to watch small children playing hide and seek around these huge trees.

Mr P having his first after picnic sleep of the year. In fact it was sooo hot that I looked for a place in the shade to sit.

This is the oldest yew!

Spring is great in the UK - probably my favourite season.

Blossoms and bluebells how wonderful!

Now for those who have been reading my blog over the last year will probably realise that no bank holiday can be complete if we do not have a boat in it somewhere! So knowing we were very near two canals we finished off the afternoon with a three mile walk along one.

We were at a point where the Grand Union and the Stratford canal meet.

Note the unusual shaped roof of the house - these types of houses are only to be found along the Stratford canal.

It was such fun to stand and watch a field full of many lambs - running and leaping.

Interesting name for a lock.

A final cuppa and we made our way home after a lovely day. This weekend has been great - Mr P and I have had lots of time to spend with each other. I am so lucky to have a wonderful marriage.

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