Thursday, 23 May 2013

Drawing Attention To Myself.

This is not something that I am comfortable with but it has happened twice in the last week.

First occasion occurred on Saturday at the Malverns. As Mrs A and I left early to go to the quilt show I observed she had a small scarf around her neck. This made me think about myself and my top was a bit low and perhaps my chest would appreciate a bit of warmth whilst the weather warmed up. So in haste I ran up the stairs to retrieve a small shawl. At the show ground several people stopped me to inquire about my shawl - "Did I knit it myself / where did I get the pattern from / what wool did I use?" I was so surprised to be asked by so many ladies that my brain just went blank. Just not used to people asking me about my clothing. It was rather nice to have my shawl praised. Perhaps I need to knit another one in another colour as it has proved to be a rather practical shawl.

 The shawl is reversible.

I just love the colours - they go well with jeans.

The pattern is available from ravelry, as a free download. It is knitted with Noro wool, just requires one ball of wool.
Click here for the pattern. You may have to join the website in order to get the pattern. If you are a knitter or a crocheter and not a member then you need your head examining. It is the most brilliant resource. It does not cost any money to join. All you have to do is think of a user name and password in order to join.

My second experience of attention seeking took place in my local supermarket. On my way home from work I bobbed in to get a few bits and pieces. At the checkout I was busy placing my shopping into bags when an excruciating loud noise/alarm sounds. I very quickly realise this noise is coming from me! It is my rape alarm - it had accidentally been pulled off with my shopping! Desperately I hunt for the detached part of my alarm whilst at the same time shouting out an announcement that all was well! By this stage the shoppers had stopped what they were doing to see what the heck was going on and like ants being dislodged suddenly supermarket staff come crawling out from various directions. Oh boy did I feel stupid and so relieved when I was able to unite the two pieces of alarm together.

"Silence is golden!"

Mind you I now know how to get attention in a shop when there's no one around to help! Could also be a good tactical manouevre in a boring or rather difficult meeting!

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