Wednesday, 22 May 2013

An Average Day In My Life

Thought I'd tell you what an average day is like in my life:


8am take Mr P to church and return home to write up blog.
9am drive to local old peoples home to collect the minibus in order to pick up the elderly who need a lift to be able to go to church.
9.55am arrive at church.
10am play my flute for the mornings service.
11.15 drink coffee and chat.
11.30 take the elderly back home.
12.30 back at home and start on a crafting project.
4pm cook Sunday dinner.
5pm finish off project, eat dinner.
6pm sit in front of TV and watch a murder mystery whilst knitting.
11pm off to bed.

8am mow the lawn
9am Ironing and practice singing some of the music for choir whilst ironing.
10.30 Tidy up and then out to work.
4.15pm. Home. Collect hubby and go off to the gym to swim 40 lengths.
5.50pm. Home prepare dinner for us and a guest. Also get the study ready for the craft group. Oh and also try to watch Judge Judy on the TV.
6.30pm Guest arrives for dinner.
7pm Craft group arrives.
9.40pm Group leaves, clear up and do some knitting.
11pm Bed.

6am Alarm clock goes off.
7.10am  Leave home for work.
4.30pm Leave work and pop into wool shop.
5pm Home and start preparing the dinner.
6pm Watch Judge Judy and start to make a present for my daughter.
9.30pm Finish the present and do some knitting.
11.15pm Bed

7am Alarm clock goes off. Wake up and sort out daughters birthday presents to post.
9am Leave to go shopping in the town centre.
11.30 Arrive at work.
5.45pm Leave work.
6pm Arrive home, cook dinner and watch Judge Judy.
7pm Wash up
7.10pm Leave for choir practice.
9.40pm Back home and phone calls to make.
10pm Chill out and write blog!

Sometimes I get cross with myself that I don't seem to get around to doing certain things but writing this out makes me realise I don't have much spare time. But I'd rather be like this than bored, or wasting time.

Anyway enough words and time for some pictures.

At the quilt show I tried to get some fabric to make a new bag but the type of fabric I wanted wasn't there. Well whilst sitting having a cuppa I saw a woman also having a drink and she was wearing a jacket. It was at this point that I had a brainwave! Some years ago at my sons wedding I wore a hideous pink jacket. I bought it because I just couldn't seem to find anything better to wear. But this jacket has just been hanging in the wardrobe ever since then. Think I'm not grown up enough to wear a jacket. But I could utilise this jacket by converting it into a bag.

So here I am - this was the only photograph of me to be found. Guess this says everything about how awful it was!

BUT WAIT FOR IT  ------------------- DRUM ROLL PLEASE

The front of the bag is made up with the 2 front panels of the jacket. I cut the lapels off and used them as a kind of collar for the bag. Added a few buttons for decor, also kept the lining for the inside of the bag. The straps were made from the sleeves and the zip I got from an old dress which had a stain. So now this sad old jacket has got a new lease of life.

Next picture ----- from the craft group. This one lady came in with a box of granny squares, amazing.

This lady crochets at the most amazing speed. She had 2 blankets in the making. The one in view was from her grandsons crib and now her daughter wants it to be made larger ready for her baby's cot. The rest of the 500! squares are to go on a single bed for her daughter but I think she has another 500 to crochet!

I can't show you what I made last night, as it is a surprise for my daughter so will show you after she's received it.

Well it's nearly 11pm and I have to be up at 6am to go to work - so good night all.


  1. I still can not get over how good that bag is, let alone how much you fit into a day, l shall have to lie down and reflect on where I have gone wrong!