Sunday, 26 May 2013

Engaging Day

Whilst Mr P had a lie in I got up and prepared a picnic for our days outing. 9am the telephone went and it was No 4 (son who works in Scotland). He is currently staying in our cottage and he phoned to say he has just got engaged to a wonderful lovely girl. We are sooooo pleased as they are a great match. They are both heavily into outdoor activities - it is their jobs. So we imagine that their wedding will be held half way up a mountain or abseiling somewhere or maybe in a canoe down some fast flowing river! Anyway what a way to start the day.

Eventually we head off to Cambridgeshire to Wicken Fen. But as we drive through the village of Great Glen we find ourselves waving to these people going to church. We're confused at to why they are going there until we both realise at the same time that it is Sunday today. I should explain Mr P is on a three month sabbatical and so we can enjoy a few Sundays together without him working - what a novelty.

The sun is shining and we have to make a stop at a service station for me to buy some sunglasses - what a pleasant problem to have!

Eventually we arrive and it is still sun shining.

Mr P and I love butterflies. The one above is a brimstone. When it flies it is a vivid yellow, but when sitting on a plant it closes its wings. It almost looks like a leaf whilst resting.

View of the fenland.

Amazing how we always come across boats!

 As we sat down and ate lunch we became aware of this great tit flying in and out of this tree stump. It was collecting grubs. It took us ages to try and get a picture of this bird, as it flies sooo fast.

There were lots of bird hides but this was one was the tallest one I,ve ever been in before. Below is on one of the views from the top.

Below is a storage area for the fen boats.

Here are some inside views of one of the cottages that someone who used to work on the fens. But first of all is a picture of someone using a very traditional lathe.

I got very excited in here, as I am only 5ft 3" tall and the ceiling was not much higher than me! Somewhere designed for me! Mr P is always teasing me saying that I am "vertically challenged".

And even out in the countryside - some craft! A traditional patchwork quilt! Poor Mr P can't go anywhere to avoid fabric!

Some people paid to go on one of the fen boats, looks as if they had a good time.

Then I had the extreme pleasure of seeing another love of my life - woolly bulls / highland cattle. These cattle have been bought to the mainland from the Isle of Mull to maintain the land.

This May tree looked to me as if it was covered in snow - not sure I've ever seen some many flower heads on one tree.

Final view of the windmill.

Then back to the car to enjoy a well earnt cuppa and a rest. Think we walked quite a few miles.

Then the inevitable happened and Mr P fell asleep so I took a small walk and spotted two muntjac deer.

My final picture is of a sparrow enjoying the last of the days sunshine.

Such a lovely day, finished off with a good dinner and some red wine.

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