Sunday, 26 May 2013

Stamford in The Sun

Hurray  - the sun has reappeared. But being of little faith dad and I head out to Stamford with variety of clothing, in order to cover all options of  British weather.

Stamford is in Lincolnshire, but only just as we were not very far from Northamptonshire and Rutland. It was somewhere neither of us had been to, but Mr and Mrs A recommended it. Well we were not disappointed. Parking the car at the top of this street put us within striking distance of an amazing large antique shop.

It was full of loads of antiques some way beyond our price range but still plenty for us to afford. We both really enjoy mooching around these places, being reminded of things from both of our childhoods. This often means stories from the past are told that we had forgotten about.

Due to me not being accurate with the sat nav we arrived at Stamford at lunch time and so we went in search for somewhere to eat and amazingly it was sooo warm that we were able to eat outside by the park. I caused a bit of chaos because I knew dad would go and pay so I sneaked out to the toilet but really went to pay before we had even eaten. Well that went well until as predicted dad tried to pay and they couldn't find the tally sheet. After he had been gone quite a while I began to work out that this might be the problem and put them all out of their misery by confessing to having paid!

What a perfect day for a wedding.

Not sure why this wedding guest is pushing a bicycle with flowers along the street?

What a lovely car and with so many people shopping they had lots of attention.

Stamford was much bigger than I thought. Full of small streets to go off and explore.

This is the entrance to an old hospital/museum. But due to sooo many things to see yet dad and I agreed to come back and visit here  another day.

Look at this lovely converted campervan.

Those of us who are 50 + will remember the middle picture!

Love the steering wheel. On the front were two tax discs. One was dated 1959 from Shrewsbury and one is 2014 from Stamford.

Thought the church spire was different - it is a Catholic church. Apparently Stamford has five parish churches.

Lots of exciting places to explore. We found more antique shops and our favourite - second hand book shops! Got us all excited.

The hobby horses made me think of the forthcoming grandchildren, aren't they cute.

The afternoon flew by and by the time we tried to get a pot of tea the cafes were closing :(  But thankfully a new sweet shop by the side of this park was selling hot drinks to take away and home made cake too :)

So dad and I sat with many others just relaxing and enjoying the late afternoon sun.

Some proud parents, showing off their babies!

Final view of Stamford, with sooo many spires, before we head off back home after what can only be described as a great day out, fabulous weather and we shall return again.

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