Monday, 27 May 2013

Boat Day

Could a bank holiday not be complete if we didn't take a walk by some boats? Stupid question. We managed to leave at a reasonable time and visited a local car boot sale, where we purchased a book of Robert Burns poems and some tweed fabric. Then we took the country roads to Crick. It is the weekend of the boat festival. We decided we didn't want to go to the show but it would be fun to walk into Crick and see all the boats moored there.

Today the sun is shining but there is quite a breeze, keeping the temperature a little lower than yesterday.

Oh I have seen so many of these views but still I come back for more. Maybe if I looked into my past family history maybe I had some water gypsies as relatives.

Lovely traditional style boat.

But suddenly our walk ground to a halt as reached Crick tunnel. We tried to see if there was a foot path across the fields but we could not find one - so frustrating. So we sat and ate our lunch here, as it was sheltered from the wind and so nice and warm in the sun.

It was also good fun to lean over and look into the tunnel at the boats coming through. The tunnel is a mile long and we could hear the engines a long time before we say the boats. Takes about 15 minutes to complete the tunnel.

This was the view looking the other way.

So we walked back the way we came and drove into Crick and took a walk across some fields to reach the other side of the tunnel.

Again fun to hang over and watch the boats coming out the other way.

Because of the show some of the boats add decorations.

I love seeing the traditional boats.

And then there are the boats whose owners have a sense of humour.

Then there are the lovely brand new boats - gleaming in the sun.

Wonder why the next boat called it "Alnwick" - as there is no canal there and this boat is registered a long way from there.

Love the red colour but looks as if the birds do too.

Where do the boat owners get their ideas for names?

This lamb was enjoying herself having a good scratch on this pole.

Ducklings are always sooo cute.

This mommy duck had a football team of them - 11.

This boat had the author of a book I have read - Narrow Boat to Carcasonne.

Here he is - doing boatie things.

After a lovely walk we stopped at the pub for a drink and the final two pictures to show you.

Views looking from either side of the bridge.

Time for home and to eat left over Chinese from the weekend. Hope you all have had a good bank holiday weekend - apologies for those of you not having had a long weekend.

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