Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Garden Warfare

Ok some of you may remember back in April I showed you some vegetables that I planted - well here's a follow up report.
Battle 1
Have managed to keep the chickens from escaping and diving into the raised beds, but this didn't stop the garden birds from eating ALL my dwarf runner beans - they are no more! But hallelujah, with some advice from a fellow blogger I have managed to keep the runner beans alive during the frosty evenings. But next battle has been some slugs - so apologies for any organic growers, but I have succumbed to pellets! Come on if I don't do this I will not have anything left. Two slugs managed to eat 2 runner bean plants in one night!

As you can see they are beginning to grow, as last week saw the return of the sun, HURRAY!

Battle 2
The two tomato plants I bought seemed to be doing really well on my window ledge, as it was too cold and early to put them outside. I even repotted them into a larger pot. But then tragedy - they both caught a virus and had to be thrown away! So at the weekend got two more plants, lets hope they do better.


Battle 3
The pepper plant has been slowly growing but yesterday I saw greenfly attacking it so I sprayed it with some diluted washing up liquid water (I'm sure I've read somewhere that you can use this). Today the plant looks fine so hopefully this is one battle that I have won. It's a good job I haven't got to keep any family going with my crops! Gardening programmes make it look so easy.

Saturday ended up at a garden centre with Mrs A, dad and No 3.  Ever hopeful I was tempted by a chilli plant.

Dad got me a new rosemary plant, as the one I already have has been battered by me constantly removing sprigs for yummy Sunday dinners.

Time to be frivolous - went into Wilkinsons for some garden canes and came out with this new windmill instead!

Isn't it gorgeous? Mr P was a bit worried that the chickens might be scared but they seem oblivious to the new garden addition.

Dad also came on Saturday with this lovely sunflower plant.

 He knows that I love them. When I go to France I think I must drive Mr P mad with stopping to take yet more photographs of the fields of sunflowers. I cannot resist them.

Ooh look there are some more buds underneath the top leaves! How exciting more loveliness to come.

I can now show you the finished blanket I made No 3 for her birthday.

I just love these ribbons - purchased from Fabric Guild Leicester

No 3 just loves tea and cuddly things.

Golly going so long without blogging makes me realise how much I have to say, but I promise next time I'll give you an update on horse (Trigger) with some pictures in his new abode.

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  1. The blankie looks really good, you did a nice job with that