Monday, 21 May 2012

Competition Results

Well the time has come to reveal the winner..........

So the reader of my blog that has won is (roll of the drums please) is known as "Doctor, Doctor".

Trigger will be making his way very soon to you - well done.

And just for a little bit of extra fun - the craft group voted on the name they liked the best and the winner is........

Well done reader "Rebecca G". A small prize will be making its way to you too.


  1. Dear Ma and Pa,

    Just a few short lines to let you know that I have arrived safely at my new lodgings – though the ride over here was a little fast and scary – I hope the driver is never responsible for taking anyone of a delicate disposition on, say, a church outing!

    My new owner seems very nice, though I may have a problem getting enough to eat as he did seem to tuck away the groceries at supper time (his wife told me afterwards that he can be a bit 'precious' about making sure he gets his fair share, and as the newest member of the family I have to wait my turn at the feeding trough).

    His wife seems very nice too - when she showed me to my stable I saw that she had embroidered a tapestry just for me and hung it on the wall; it said

    "Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Nags that play up
    Are turned into glue"

    (What's a "nag", ma?)

    Anyway, I'd better turn in now. I'll be sure to write again soon with all my news,

    Your ever-loving foal,


  2. I am so pleased that Trigger has arrived safely, but sorry if he was scared a little on the journey. I hope he settles well and does not cause too much bother.