Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Misery to Pleasure

I couldn't seem to find anything to blog about for the last week. The weather was miserable, my buddies were feeling miserable, I felt miserable and then a very dear old lady from church died. I couldn't go to the annual Malvern Quilt Show because of commitments. Then to add to my final gloomy moments Mr P went away to our lovely home in Northumberland for the week.

So all in all I felt very sorry for myself. BUT somehow those nasty miseries have all gone and I feel like my old self again. Even the weather has managed to chase the grey away and is now gloriously displaying gorgeous sunshine. The heat has been turned up to a massive 27 degrees!

Every time I turn into a road near to where I live I am greeted by this wall. This photograph was taken last autumn.

Now look how lovely it is today.

Thanks you God for sunshine and flowers.

Thanks too for changing seasons.

Number 3's presie is almost completed - in time for her home coming/birthday this weekend. Photograph to come once she's seen the finished item.

Well I'm off to enjoy this sun and mow the lawn - sorry daisies!

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