Friday, 4 May 2012


OK I thought I'd come clean and admit to what I am in the middle of making. Also I thought that if I publish this info on my blog then it might force me into being embarrassed enough into finishing these items.
I'll try and put them into some date order! Oldest part-creation first.

 Well I think I started knitting this tea cosy when I lived in Leeds and I have now been living in Leicester for around five years! All that is needed is to be sewn together with some wadding! Not too difficult surely Lynn?

Started this cardigan a few years ago. But this item then caused me to have a knitting related injury! Yes you have read right. It all came about because I was knitting this cardigan on a beach in France, in a slouchy deckchair for hours on end. Also I knit baby style. What I mean by that is I should wrap the wool around my fingers and flip the wool over, but I still use the whole of my arm to bring the wool around! This works alright until one has to do masses of moss stitch (knit one, purl one etc).  The consequences of this bad posture was my right shoulder dropped, I started experiencing pain and discomfort in my right arm, shoulder and back. After waiting some months for it never to recover I proceeded to the doctors and was given weeks of physio and exercises. Somehow I have never been able to get myself psyched up to complete it.

The rag rug I started about a year ago. From the first picture it looks as if I have finished it but when you look at the back then you can see how much more needs doing. But I do not feel so bad about this project as most Mondays I do a bit more at the craft group I hold in my home (but that's a story for another day).

This small appliqué picture I started last summer. I had previously made one for my No 1 daughter and hubby. As you can see it's all at a very early stage.
Another last summer project (20.9.11) with some wool I had bought for my birthday last February 2011.

  OK it looks as if I did a lot of starting things last summer. These hexipuffs I began 25.9.11, but I knew this would be a long term project. Need hundreds of these small adorable squidgy puffs to make a quilt.

 This quilt kit I bought last August 2011 from the annual NEC quilt exhibition. I didn't actually start putting it together till January 2012.. Still plenty of work to do in order to look like the finished item!

 This quilt kit I also bought at the same time as the previous one but have not even begun to put this one together yet.

This lovely scarf I started 28.2.12. Designed by  Kaffe Fasset. I just love all the colours and the way they merge into each other. I have a few more stripey rows to knit and then I have to knit 5 stitches up either side of the scarf   -  but in that dreaded moss stitch. Hopefully I will be able to cope!

Should say this wool cost a bomb so I had the balls given to me as presies.

 Started this felt project a few weeks ago. Going to sew the letters together and embellish them with buttons etc.
Last Sunday I started this cushion pad. It's to recover the yucky dirty cream ones I have on the dining room chairs. Got another leaf to embroider on this one. I have made the pom poms so that it can be attached to the chair. Trouble is I have another five to make from scratch!.

What I should say in my defence is that I have made and completed lots of other things over the years but this is what I have left. BUT I am not mentioning all the tons of wool and fabric still crying out to be used and there could possibly be some more WIP's that  have forgotten about!


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  1. Still not as bad as me, but nice to see you are catching up..........WIP is much more positive than UFO.....