Saturday, 5 May 2012

Houghton Mill

Today was bitterly cold and we decided it was time we used out National Trust cards for the first time this year. After a quick foray to Market Harborough to a book sale Mr P and myself headed over to Huntingdon, Cambs to this lovely mill.

It is an amazing building, lovingly restored. For some years the YHA owned it and used it for ramblers to to stay in. Bet it was a bit draughty! But you see the small door open in the middle of this picture - well standing in that small space was some friends we knew from the 1970's! We have seen them once since those days. So it was lovely to catch up and note how we'd all aged.

This was as far as we could go for a walk, as you can see the footpath is flooded! But please note we are going through a season of drought! This area may well have a hose pipe ban!

But even though it was freezing cold we still stood by and watched this coot dive for food for her little ones.

I never realised how large swan eggs are, look more like ostrich eggs to me!

Then we decided we'd take a walk around the pretty village. Inside the church on nearly every chair or pew was a hand sewn kneeler. They were so pretty.

Even on a gloomy day there are these gorgeous flowers displaying their finery.

Sorry can't work out how to make these photographs go where I want them to!

  Then there were lots of beautiful homes, but I will not bore you with all the pictures I took of them.

This one has an interesting shaped roof, but we noticed quite a lot of the houses were made in this shape.

Isn't this one just a picture card cottage?

This cottage is NOT derelict! Not sure how secure I'd feel living here?

This is the front of the above cottage.

Now a picture for my male readers. Sadly these cars were for sale but no sale price was visible. So I guess if you need to know the price then you can't afford one!

I've never seen so many fields in one area covered by so much rape seed. It certainly brightened up the country side on such a dull day.


  1. Wonder if the roof style is this one

    - the upper windows confirm that the builders were "maximizing headroom on the building's upper level"

    Mr P #2 (who should be working...)

    1. Thank you Dr Doctor - that was so interesting - you are so clever!

      Ooops don't want to be responsible for you skiving at work though!