Thursday, 31 May 2012

Bara Brith

This post is especially for a friend who claims to be useless at cooking, but I want to show her and others of you out there this simple recipe. Anyone can make it. You just need to get yourself organised ahead of the game, because you have to soak some fruit and sugar in some hot tea. Bara Brith is a Welsh tea loaf. Here goes:

I've made two cakes, as that's what I always do! One to keep and one to give away, or freeze.

In a bowl place 350g of any dried fruit you've got lying around and add 225g soft brown sugar. If you haven't got any brown then ordinary white will do but not as good. Make a pot of strong tea and add 300ml of it to the bowl. Cover the bowl and leave either overnight or for several hours, to plump up the fruit.

Preheat the oven to Gas 2, 150 C, or 300 F.

Now all you have to do to make this cake is mix in 1 beaten egg. That's not so difficult is it.

Then mix in 275g of self raising flour.

The mixture then looks like this. That is it - nothing else to do other than put the mixture into a baking tin.

Place the mixture either in a 2lb silicone tin, which doesn't need greasing or lined with baking parchment - saving lots of tine.


In a traditional tin loaf but with a bought liner. Again saving time. Also if you are giving the cake away it looks quite nice in a liner.

Bake for 90 minutes to 105 minutes. When it should look like this:-

And when out of the tin:-

So come on you readers - surely you can make one for yourselves and say NO to shop bought cake!

It is best sliced and served with a spread of butter(Lurpak being my favourite!)

This was the amount of washing up I had, just missing the cake tin. So that didn't take very long to do.

Give it a go I dare you. Now off to give away one of the cakes.


  1. nom nom nom.......tempted to give it a go!!!!!

  2. you could create your own recipe book with those lovely photo's - how is the count going?