Friday, 22 August 2014

The Six "B"s

1) Blackberries

OK we are rubbish gardeners and have left this bramble grow like mad in the back garden BUT the consequences has been masses of blackberries to pick. In fact I did a little research into blackberries and found out all sorts of facts. Click here to find out more if you are interested.

As you can see I am getting to the point where I have picked most of them. But just look inside my freezer - plenty of these little jewels for the winter.

2) Baking

Been getting ready for going on our jollies in a few days time. In the oven as I write is a cherry and almond cake cooking.

Have also made two rich fruit cakes. Hopefully this will keep Mr P happy whilst camping in France.

3) Busy House

This week has also seen a lot of visitors. Monday night was the usual gathering of the craft group. Wednesday night some friends came around to watch the Great British Bake off. This week the competition was based around making bread and my guests rose to the challenge:

And some garlic bread.

Then Thursday night(last night) Mr P invited around 20 people from church for a barbecue. All this has been happening on a week that has been extremely busy for me at work and getting things ready for holiday! No time for crafting! But friends are more important than even crafts!

4) Before and After

Now the house we live in belongs to the Methodist circuit and they have been wanting to get the front of our garden sorted for ages but due to various gardeners doing a runner nothing has happened until Wednesday of this week. Outside were these humongous conifers. I reckoned there could have been a dead body in there as it was sooo thick.

 Path from our front door to the pavement!

This was the path from the pavement to our front door! Needless to say no one ever tried to use it!

Below shows you the width of the trees.

Five men and several hours later this is the view.

It now feels as if we own a huge car park and several people have suggested we start a "park and ride" scheme!!!!!!!!!!  Not sure what is going to happen to this space. Think the Methodists are going to have to decide as it is such a large area. There is talk of a beech hedge or some sort of low fencing but this will not happen until the autumn. Meanwhile Mr P and I feels as if we are living in a fish bowl! But the outside looks much better.

5) Beans

We have started to enjoy eating the beans. Only trouble is having let them grow sooo tall I need the step ladders to pick them!

I was reading in a book that you can make wine from the pods like you do with pea pods! But I have not got time for that this year, maybe another year I'll try.

The chilli plant is doing well.

They look so pretty and who would think that one of these could burn your mouth!

6)  Baby Rowan

Having shown you some pictures of the twins recently thought it was time for some of Rowan. Oh I am missing him -  not seen him for a few weeks. Here's one taken today, that my daughter posted on facebook. He's just started to learn to feed himself with a spoon.

Guess mummy and daddy forgot the bib!

Oh he always looks soo very happy. Won't see him for another three weeks :( Then I'll get to see him as we shall all be travelling up to Leeds to celebrate the twins first birthday. Time for some wine and a soak in the bath.

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