Monday, 11 August 2014

Pilgrimage To The NEC Quilt Show - Typos Amended Version!

Writing this blog is so difficult because I took 400 pictures at this show! Mrs A and I have made three trips to the quilt show and it never disappoints us. In fact this year we were over whelmed by the vastness of the show. Some people go to the show for three days and I used to laugh about this but I am beginning to understand why now. We struggled to get to see everything in one day. It opens at 10am and closes at 5.30pm and believe you me they have to kick us out! We stopped only for a quick picnic lunch and one stop in the middle of the afternoon for a cuppa! That was it we walked ALL day! I am not convinced we saw everything and certainly we were skipping around some of the quilts.

The morning starts with a cuppa and toast before the show opens, a loo stop of course and then we join the masses and pile into the show.

The halls are full of masses of stalls - not quite sure why there is a wool stand, think there were only a couple of them. Not that I object to wool. There must be hundreds (literally) of stalls selling absolutely everything you could ever want to quilt with. Then there are about 1000 handmade quilts - which are entered into various competitions. If you have time then there are demonstration classes and lectures in the theatre. Also there are professional quilters with their stalls and displays. It is WONDERFUL!

Last week I had a conversation with my No 1 daughter and she said she thinks foxes are becoming the new "IT". I think she is right there were soooo many foxes about.  Goodbye "owls", "camper vans," "Scandinavian style" and "cup cakes". Keeping chickens doesn't make me feel as if I am going to get excited about foxes!

The lady on the left is Janet Clare and she has published some lovely books and also the pattern for this artisan apron. Here is her website. I bought the pattern for the apron and have just finished making it, but am now at the fun stage of embellishing it. So later on this week there will be a ta dah moment!

I do not know which quilts to show you - too many to choose from. But I think if I put all my pictures up you would go mad at me. Quilts come in all sizes from tiny tiny to so big they I cannot get all of it in one picture. Sometimes they are one complete piece of fabric and others made in panels etc etc.

Initially when you look at them you think "oh that's nice" and then you look more closely and realise just how much work has gone into just one panel.

Then there are quilts that have so much humour or designed for children. This next quilt was made especially for a little boy who does not like vegetables, to encourage him to enjoy them.

The vegetables have been made so that they can be taken out of their pouches! Such fun!

Next is a picture of Amy Butler. She is a creative designer from the United States, specialising in fabric designs and patterns.

Such clever use of colour.

Girls having fun!

Below - even a knitted quilt made the show!

 I really enjoy the way that quilts don't just have to be square and in one piece.

Even a quilted grandfather clock!

Even the sides are full of quilted objects!

Thought of my son's fiancee's sister with her designing company would approve of this coat.

Duxbury Designs.

This face is made up with thousands of tiny squares. How the heck do you go about doing this and getting the colours right? Truly amazing.

I love beach huts - again the details in each panel were gorgeous.

The next quilt is the winner of the show. Hard to get a good picture because of the size and also because so many people standing to admire the quilt.

But there comes a time when we have to go home.

Ladies are laden down with their buys, the lights are dimming, announcements calling us to leave.

All is closing up. We had a wonderful day and what did we buy?

Pattern and instructions for my artisan apron.

Some lovely tweedy fat quarters from Magee. Oh I sooo want to go to Donegal and visit them.

Two beautiful books from Quiltmania. They are translated into English.

Finally some fabric to make the apron. Has to be washed first before it can be used. Next year mmmmmm I'm not sure I want to do the show in one day?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I shall think about going for two days!

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  1. Ooh, quilt envy! I MUST get my quilting mojo back