Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Spiders Beware

ALL females need to watch out in my house! There are males crawling around looking for mates! Every room I go into there is a spider!

See how big this spider is? Guarding the stairs for any stray women! Actually this could be a woman as they are bigger than the men!

This might be a man as apparently they have longer, more agile legs.

Spiders that live outside only live for about a year but these spiders are likely to live for several years. If I do not vacuum them up(shock, horror) - and I do not disturb them then they can live for up to seven years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I reckon there are some old spiders behind my radiators!

So there is a lot of dating going on in my home as they look for mates. By late autumn the females will be laying an egg sac and it may contain up to 50 eggs. The egg will be in the tip of the web and protected by the female. The spiderlings will hatch in early to mid April! Now I understand why I am seeing sooooo many spiders! Why don't you go spider hunting!

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