Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Quietness In The Home

Last week Mr P was away in Northumberland, at our home. So all has been very quiet here with me going to work, doing the usual household chores etc etc. So basically I'm a bit of a bore! Saturday I met up with my dad and we spent some hours in Dobbies. Drinking lots of tea and lunch, mooching around the plants. There were masses of people as they were having a special 20% off all things day! So the place was buzzing. Later on that day Mr P returned home on his new motorbike. At long last he has found one that he really likes.

He's called her Bromwyn because he purchased her from Wales and she is a BMW - BroMWyn, very clever! So pleased for him that he has found a new love! Looks like he took this photograph whilst he was away on the causeway on Holy Island. Now this shot is also used on the television programme Vera. The cameramen show Vera driving in her vehicle off the causeway and then within minutes she's in Newcastle. Ha ha ha. Impossible - it is at least an hours drive! But it seems that the producers love this image and several episodes have the exact same footage, with Vera arriving at some impossible destination within minutes!
Sunday I made another dress, gradually improving the design and choosing different options until I am completely happy with the design. Sorry have worn the dress yesterday and it is in the wash - so no pictures! This time I tried the puff sleeves and added an extra inch in length to hide my chubby arms. That turned out well and I like this sleeve better than the previous sleeves. Also I added an extra inch onto the length of the dress - to hide my footballers knees!

Ok sorry to be a bore but sometimes life is just a bit run of the mill BUT I will show you a few pictures of the grandchildren.

Ayla does not like dummies but has found her thumb instead! Just noticed that's a new crochet blanket - not mine! Someone else has been busy!

Rowan busy helping in the kitchen! Apparently he has now decided it is time to think about talking and has started to say some words!

The girlies looking sooo cute - I love those flowery tights.

They make me laugh soo much with their legs - always seem to be up in the air, or behind their ears! Oh to be sooo flexible! Hopefully in the next few weeks I will get to see the grandchildren - missing them.

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