Monday, 6 April 2015

Easter 2015 - Hanbury Hall, Foxton Locks, Upton House.

Mr P and I did not go away as he has to work - busy time of year for a minister of religion. So we opted to celebrate Easter by having day trips out to various places.

Good Friday dad came and we had a mooch around the local shops and enjoyed a yummy dinner together. He did tell me that he and a friend went out for a meal and this was the bill after 25% discount!

Don't think I'll be going there!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday we headed off to Hanbury Hall. The weather was a little gloomy but not raining. I gather if I was living in Wales the weather was glorious.

 As we went around the house and gardens it became apparent that previous owners had been very unhappy here. They had either died early, divorced or bitterness had got in the way. Only one family managed to live here. But on this day the place was buzzing with children searching for clues for their Easter egg hunt. The national trust have done much to improve the atmosphere and today it is a very happy place.

 Afterwards we visited the parish church which is placed high up on the hillside overlooking Evesham. Apparently this is the church that in The Archers - BBC radio programme. Hanbury's St Mary the Virgin is often used as a stand-in for Ambridge's parish chruch, St Stephen's.

Back home I finally managed to decorate some pussy willows with my spring decorations.

Easter Sunday off course was a wonderful morning celebrating my faith. Then after Mr P had had a nap we went for a walk along the canal at Foxton Locks. Golly we haven't been there for ages.

 As we started the walk this pig came racing along the field to see us. We were not so keen to stroke it especially once we saw how large her teeth were!

Then home in time to watch a new series of Vera.  We particularly like to watch  it as it is filmed in Northumberland and we spend ages debating where things have been filmed.

Bank Holiday Monday and another trip out this time to Upton House. Now we thought we had not been to this National Trust property before but as we walked around the gardens it became apparent we had been before. Golly we  must be getting old - memory failing!

I think the confusion came about as the trust has themed the house - "Banking for Victory". They've done a marvellous job of setting the house up as it must have looked like in the 1940's. The owners who were bankers moved the staff from London to the safety of Upton to work. One room was laid out as an office and there were many typewriters to try out. I guess for the children they had never really seen them before and parents could be heard saying "one key at a time". I could also see older adults reliving their past and trying to type fast like they had many years ago.

One of the great things about the house was that it has been set up for the public to touch as much as possible! Great place to take children. Then I saw something that people were saying I can remember this from childhood and to my horror I wa thinking but I still see this at church!

The gardens were enjoyable and there is a south facing terrace that reminded me of gardens in southern France.

In this huge pond were either frogs or toads not sure which. But as we stood gazing we could hear their cry. It was amazing. Tried to take a picture of some in the water.

Well Mr P and I have had a really nice weekend, especially managing to have lots of time together. OK back to work tomorrow, but a shorter week - wahay!

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