Wednesday, 29 April 2015

A Melting Grandma

Currently I keep melting everytime I see this new photograph of the twins.  I've got no other excuse in writing this blog other than to show you this gorgeous photograph!

I must see them soon, I just want to eat them and hug them! So adorable. I also have a short video of them feeding yoghurt to each other - can't post that sadly.

Then I am also getting a daily melting from my other grandchildren. As you may remember they are away in Northumberland and daily getting new pictures of them.

Rowan's first time on a train to Edinburgh from Berwick.

Golly I'm only a 20 month old grandma and already I've become besotted with my grandchildren. This beats having pictures in your handbag to show people - I can show the whole world my adorable grandchildren.

Love Melting Grandma.

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