Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Happy Times In The Nicemurderknitter Home.

This last weekend has been one of those times when it was filled with lots of happy things. It started late Friday evening with No 3 and family arriving to stay the night. They were on their way north from Bristol to Northumberland - a loooooong drive! But for us it was an opportunity to see the grandchildren. I have to say Rowan was lovely. It would have been expected for him to be grumpy arriving so late, well past his bedtime, but instead he was full of the joys of spring.

Here he is managing to eat chocolate cake at 9.30pm! Of course Poppy (the dog) is never far away when there is food about!

Then it was time to familiarise himself with the toys. He particularly likes this one as it involves dropping balls through the top and watching them reach the bottom. It should have a frog face on top but for some reason  he would not have it there and kept pulling the frog off! The train is a hit because it makes lots of noises!

Time for his favourite book and then we had to persuade him that bedtime was needed - he wasn't in agreement and it took a while to settle him. It bought back memories of when our four children were small - easy to get them to bed on time but once they were over tired it became rather difficult. In fact it was easier to sneek them to bed earlier rather than later. Meanwhile Ayla has been topped up with milk and has fallen asleep on her daddy's lap.

Now her daddy is what I'd call the swaddling king. I can remember when Rowan was born how he'd swaddle him. Daddy learnt this within days of Rowan's birth. I think the babies look like caterpillars ready to turn into a beautiful butterfly.

If you look carefully at the picture you can just see one of Ayla's fingers sticking through the blanket!
The next morning I prepared a cooked breakfast and bade them farewell as they headed to Leeds next for a visit with No 2 and family.

I would have loved to have been there and seen all four grandchildren playing together.

This looks to me as if one of the twins, along with Poppy are pretending to play dead!

Think they all must have gone out for lunch but couldn't resist putting one of the twins in!

Ok back in Leicester once Mr P and I had finished the massive washing up session and tided up the toys it was time to relax and get my play toys out! Well I started and then decided that as the sun was shining I ought to go outside and so I popped to the local garden centre. I got two tomato plants - it says on the label that they do not grow tall,  do not need any canes and can grow indoors! Well lets see. Plant one.....

Plant two.......

Will keep you updated with their progress. Note I deliberately took the  picture with them insitu so that we could compare them with the teapots etc hanging.
I got some rocket seeds to put in my raised bed along with some thyme and another plant that has pretty edible leaves.

The blossom on the apple tree was looking gorgeous this weekend.

Ok enough time outside - time to make Mrs A part of her birthday presie. I remember her saying once that someone else had a v shaped pillow and she didn't have one so I chose that and decided to make a pillowcase to go along with a plain white one. Discovered as I used the plain case as a pattern how poorly it was constructed! Not saying mine was much better but I wasn't charging a silly amount of money for it!

After constructing the case I then went onto doing blanket stitch around the edge - which killed my fingers getting the large wool needle through the fabric and then the fun of crocheting the edge.

Sunday I cooked us a yummy cottage pie along with a blackberry and cake pudding. Of course then the beauty is come Monday teatime we can have leftovers, or as I call it YMCA - yesterdays meal come again!

Oops a day later and I forgot to post this blog last night! Spent the WHOLE night looking for somewhere to stay at the end of May as Mr P and I are having a weekend away. The reason it took all night was because I was busy reading up on all the available places with this site called Canopy and Stars. I prepared a list with places I really liked and then presented them to Mr P to choose. Guess what he picked out my favourite. Whooppeee! He then booked it and I did a little dance! Can't wait for our romantic, quiet hideaway. So I'm not telling you which one we booked! You'll have to wait and see! Bye for now, must get ready for work.

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