Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Trigger Update

As long promised an update on Triggers new adventures.

This letter was received not long after he went to his new home:

Dear Ma and Pa,
Just a few short lines to let you know that I have arrived safely at my new lodgings – though the ride over here was a little fast and scary – I hope the driver is never responsible for taking anyone of a delicate disposition on, say, a church outing! My new owner seems very nice, though I may have a problem getting enough to eat as he did seem to tuck away the groceries at supper time (his wife told me afterwards that he can be a bit 'precious' about making sure he gets his fair share, and as the newest member of the family I have to wait my turn at the feeding trough). His wife seems very nice too - when she showed me to my stable I saw that she had embroidered a tapestry just for me and hung it on the wall; it said "Roses are red Violets are blue Nags that play up Are turned into glue" (What's a "nag", ma?) Anyway, I'd better turn in now. I'll be sure to write again soon with all my news, Your ever-loving foal, Trigger XXX on

I have to say I'm a bit worried about the amount of grass Trigger has got through - as when horses eat too much grass, they can become colic. This is a problem with the stomach.Because a horse can't throw up, it means that the problem is confined to the stomach. Not nice!
Eating too much rich grass can also make the horse lame.
If over-eating, the horse will become fat, which can have terrible effects on its health.

So some advice for Trigger if he gets overweight:-

Keep overweight horses in stalls or paddocks until the pasture’s rate of growth has slowed, then introduce them to pasture slowly.

Since this I have then received another note from Trigger:-

Dear Ma and Pa,
Another short note to give you the latest update from my new lodgings. 
Over the Jubilee weekend I finally succeeded in getting the lawn down to an acceptable level.  As a result I've put on a lot of weight and don't want to see another blade of grass for a very long time (and no jokes, please about needing to go on the Hay diet). 

Definitely think his owner needs to read the above advice.

 Perhaps this sign could be used to prevent further problems.

But still Trigger does not learn quickly.

And finally I have received yet another note:

Dear Ma and Pa,
Being kept well fed. As you can see from the picture below, when not helping in the garden or learning about the mysteries of the universe I do find the odd minute to follow a few select blogs; the one shown in the photo is a particular favourite, featuring as it does some fine specimens of the equine form.
Anyway, I'd better close now as it's time for my favourite TV programme – "Neiiiiiighbours".

With much love,

Just look how big his back side has become! Tut tut. Just hope the new owner takes on board what has been said.

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