Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Jubilee, Day 4

Well it was difficult to resist not having another day by the canal. Weather report was for a deterioration as the day progressed. So Mr P finally got himself sorted and we were able to leave early this morning for another outing to see more narrowboats.

We decided to walk along the canal, not sure where but before you get to Yelvertoft and up to Crick. The reason being we decided that as it was the last day of the show then there was probably going to be more activity along the canal with boats either moored up or leaving.

Mr P looking dreamily on.

   These four days have been so good for us. As you know the first two days were manic and very little time to spend together. Today was spent more in reflection and wondering about our retirement, but that is some years away yet!

Not sure what's going on but I can't seem to put the words where I want them. Oh well I'll try and carry on. These two geese made me laugh - they were like guards on sentry duty, watching over their three babies. Even when we walked back they were still standing in a similar position!

This boat very much reminded us of our retirement home in Northumberland.

This sign made us chuckle.

And I took this picture especially for No.3 who probably has a similar problem!

Just like this photograph!

And this picture perhaps reflects all our thinking over the last two days! 



  1. But where will you put all of your craft gear on a narrow boat....this has to be a very serious consideration against all the tranquility and beauty

    1. And believe me - she knows whereof she speaks...

  2. Don't worry our plan would be on the boat for one season, adventuring into the unknown, having adventures. Then retiring to what will then feel like a big house, hopefully with an extension somewhere. Mr P and I will have to do some sharing of space! Most of the stuff we have will be given away - so watchout family in 10 years time!