Monday, 11 June 2012

Tenor For Tea

Saturday sent me manic with tidying, cleaning and cooking - why? Well in the afternoon was the final rehearsal before the performance of the Bach Choir. You still may be saying so, why all this panic. Well it was this man's fault.

This is Charne Rochford a tenor singer. Madly I had agreed some weeks ago to take him home between rehearsal and performance and feed him some tea. Isn't he delicious? I was so nervous and spent the whole time apologising and he also was nervous and he too kept apologising! But happily he loves footie and so does my husband so I was able to plonk him in front of the TV with a cuppa whilst I prepared the meal. Another lovely lady from the choir also came for dinner - she's a senior anaesthetist. So there were many interesting conversations flying across the dinner table. Although I was very on edge about everything it was a privilege to have met him.

The concert was magic. I'd never heard of this music before we started to rehearse and it grew on me the more I sang it. Even as I type this blog the tunes are buzzing away in my head. It was so exciting to sing with four soloists. The power in their voices were amazing.

Came home for a well deserved glass of red wine and an early bed.

Sunday was a deliciously selfish day for me, me, me, me! Even the weather agreed with me and instead of yet more forecasted rain the sun shone. So outside I went armed with a cuppa, a book and a deckchair. I started reading a book that a friend has lent me.

 Apologies for the poor quality pictures of this book. I started reading it thinking I'd read just a little bit and then come in to do some crafting but the sun carried on shining and the book got engrossing. So I spent nearly all morning reading. Just in case you think I was totally selfish I did do three lots of washing and some washing up and made Mr P a dinner. Sadly Mr P was having a nightmare of a day with church services, several meetings and a new venture - church in Costa Coffee. This book is available from a small independent publishing company called Persephone. Oh do have a look at the books available - they are so interesting and well written.

Even the inside cover is printed beautifully, also a bookmarker with this design.

Oh well the sun did disappear and the temperature dropped so inside for some crafting and watching the last weeks episodes of The Great British Menu.

Bag number one.

I know it's technically not very good, but I just wanted to get sewing and not spend hours getting the corners right! It's only going to have food from Asda in it!

Bag number two.

I just loved this fabric - so cute.

Ok this is my mad creation. You may recognise the tree from Easter and now I am putting it to use for the Jubilee/Euro/Olympics celebrations.

Mr P was speechless when I asked his opinion!!!! Says it all - oh well no other home will have a mad decorated tree like mine!

This was the state of the craft room at 11pm last night! Needless to say I did clear up before I went to bed.

Now for more sensible things - a progress report on the plants.

The runner beans have grown a little and are beginning to start to attach themselves to the canes.

Sadly the snails and slugs are losing and I'm winning with only 1 plant lost still!

 Not sure if these pepper and chilli plants have grown much. I've not planted them into the raised bed yet as I was frightened the weather might deteriorate and they would need to come indoors. But I guess now that it is June that I should plant them.

Guess the same can be said for the tomato plants. Have they grown? Should I put them in the raised bed?

Don' think I have shown you my five strawberry plants - but I think they are looking good.

Well think it's time to draw this page to an end. I promise you this week I'll put an update of the progress of Trigger.

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