Friday, 15 June 2012

Family Jollies

For those of you who know me well - no I am not moving house again! As we have moved fourteen times since we got married nearly 34 years ago (golly nearly needed a calculator to work it out). It's definitely not time to move yet.

Tomorrow Mr P and myself are off on our jollies to a lovely self catering farm house.

I have packed sooo much stuff that I think our car when loaded up tomorrow will look a little like this car.

Mr P thinks it might have been easier if I'd just packed the whole house.

The whole of the family are meeting up at the cottage and where we hope we are all going to enjoy a brilliant week together - that's 10 adults and 1 dog!

The reason for the large bags is the fact that we are going to - yes you've guessed very wet WALES!

These two pictures were taken a couple of days ago!

So I've packed lots of craft things, games, books etc in case we get marooned!

The cottage has a hot tub so if it rains surely it won't matter too much!

So no more blogs until I come back next week.

A little Welsh joke for my crafting friends:
Mrs Evans pulled Mrs Jones out of earshot of the front room, where Mrs. Jones' lovely young daughter, Mefanwe, sat.
'It is really none of my business,' whispered Mrs Evans, 'but have you noticed what your daughter is doing?'
'Why, no. Is she up to anything special?'
Mrs Evans leaned closer. 'Haven't you noticed? She's started knitting tiny garments.'
Mrs Jones' troubled brow cleared. 'Well, thank goodness,' she said smiling, 'at last she's taken an interest in something besides running around with boys.'

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