Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Stuffed Up

OK I am writing this blog with a very full belly. Yep this weekend has been full of wondrous food. It started with a trip to Leeds to stay with some friends. Now both hubby and wife are great cooks so it would be rather rude not to eat the food. They also have the most amazing coffee machines - yes plural is correct! So Mr P and I rather enjoyed the delicious coffees. Now in between eating and drinking we managed to roll ourselves outside to a National Trust venue - Beningbrough Hall.

The gardens were truly amazing. I loved the walled garden the best.

Wouldn't this be a fantastic way of dividing a garden or planting against a boring wall.

Or how wonderful to build an arch with fruit trees. So many ideas.

Scattered around the gardens were these bikes and scooters for the children. I love the way they were just abandoned in the middle of a path - great idea.

The blossom on the trees were amazing - so lovely to see these children just running through the trees enjoying the magic.

Now who'd have thought there were so many types of wooden pegs created over the years.

Now the reason for all these 300 teacups is because the Hall is celebrating 300 years of being built. Lady Victoria Dawnay lived in the hall from 1892 until the early 1900s. She was the granddaughter of the Prime Minister Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey after whom Earl Grey tea is named .

Having fun in the children's room.

The next day we went to our friend's allotment. I love looking at allotments. Thought this greenhouse was cute.

I love seeing what junk etc people use to make their allotment useful.

Everybody's patch has a bath allocated to them. This one had some extra visitors.

Some have got their patches as a garden, because they do not have one where they live.

The afternoon was spent at Middleton Woods. Now I never knew these woods existed. Oh it was a delight with all the bluebells.

Well we had a lovely weekend and were fed as if we had no eaten for weeks. This week I'm trying to adjust my eating! Well time for bed. Good night all.

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