Thursday, 5 May 2016

I Do Like Bank Holidays

Oh I do wish every month had a bank holiday. Mr P and I had a lovely long weekend in Northern Ireland, spending time with our oldest child and her hubby.

My daughter suggested we took a walk in the grounds of Stormont, where the Northern Irish parliament sits. What we had not realised was that we could go inside and were treated to a private tour.

Afterwards we headed to The Lamppost Cafe, created in the the theme of Narnia.

In order to get inside you have to go through the wardrobe!

Inside were various Narnia bits and pieces.

After a yummy lunch we then head to the Titanic quarter. Mr P headed to the Titanic Museum and us
girlies headed to a craft show!

The excuse being that I wanted to go and see Fabric Affair, to buy a book. My daughter ended up with some gorgeous mermaid fabric to make a skirt.

This whole area has been developed wonderfully and I look forward to going back and seeing more. On the way home we stopped off at a petrol station to get ice cream! I cannot get my head around these stores. They are amazing they sell everything and have a wonderful array of breads and ice cream.

The next day we headed to Donegal.

Oh boy I have fallen in love with the county - it is so beautiful and I know that we shall visit again.
But meanwhile here are a few pictures....

Castle Doe

Here I am only braving putting my hands in the sea. Don't let the sun fool you, it had been snowing earlier!

Now I promise - totally by accident we came across a tweed mill. After we went inside it became apparent that this was where Fabric Affair buys their tweed - what a small world. Mr P was lovely and said I could have some tweed.

Anyway Donegal is a must.

Next day we were back in Northern Ireland.

Daughter displaying her cute knitted jacket.

Time for a cake and coffee, in Bangor.

The last day was spent at Castle Ward. Here, some of the series, Games of Thrones was filmed. It was exciting to see this venue as this is where my son in law played a part in the series. Also he played an archer in the latest film Dracula Untold, in the Belfast studios, in the Titanic Quarter.

Here's my son-in-law showing off his recently gained strength from the gym.

I was about to say there's something appealing about bells when I realised my pun!

Never seen a tree with so many nobby bits.

Since this visit I have had an email from the National Trust asking me to fill in a survey about this visit. But the question that made me laugh was the options for the weather that day. I found myself filling in that we had rain, sun, hot and cold. They probably think I'm a bit of a nutter - they're probably right.

Well all very soon it was time to leave N.Ireland but not until we had a visit to A.J's Diner, in Downpatrick.

After we left there was a queue up the street. past all the election posters! Golly you don't see those on the mainland anymore. In fact Mr P and I have just voted and we had absolutely no information about the candidates.

Well bed is calling.

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