Sunday, 9 September 2012

What a Weekend.

Well it truly has been a most amazing weekend. It started off with early Friday evening going for a lovely walk along the canal. It was such a beautiful sunny evening. The canal was gleaming and the fields look as if they are bursting into harvest festival hymns.

Along the hedgerow are loads of deliciously ripe blackberries.

We stopped for a drink and then we witnessed something that left us with a rather nasty taste.
Saturday was a busy full day. Started with a trip to Asda to buy food for the barbecue we were holding for Mr P's smaller church. We shopped, cleaned, prepared food, got the garden ready with all the furniture and then by 11:45 made a trip out to Donnington to see some cars! Went to an amazing place that sells thousands of second hand cars. The car company were really good, you enter and they give you a catalogue with all the cars and where they are. They issue you with pencils and if needed umbrellas and you are then left to wonder in peace. The cars are all left open so you can sit inside them. Then if you choose one or want to know more you come back inside where there are masses of staff to help you.

 (This is a legal free picture) Perhaps not quite the sort of cars we were looking at but at least the picture breaks up my dribble!

 Wonderfully they are not on commission - so there is no hard sell, or rubbish spouted at you. For us it was an exercise to just look and see what sort of cars are out there as we have had our Renault scenic for some time and some day soon it will be ready to enter retirement. As you know from my blogs we like to take the seats out of our car and fill it with camping stuff or furniture to take up to the cottage etc. We're after a car that does this but is not a huge car and good on petrol and tax etc. Well saw plenty of different options and now Mr P has to do some reading up on the cars we think could be a possibility. Oh also Mr P likes to service the car and some of the cars seem to be designed to stop you doing that but there are still some with large bonnets. Anyway enough about cars. Back home in time to heat the barbie up - should say it's a gas one so does make life a lot easier. Amazingly they nearly all turned up at the same time. Apparently they all met up at church and drove in a convoy! It was so lovely to have guaranteed warm sunny weather and not spend the day wondering whether the weather will hold or what we might do if it rains. I think everyone had a lovely evening and the church generously bought around some rather yummy puddings.

Sunday was the day of Mrs A's baptism. I have to admit to being rather nervous. As Mr P had me playing my flute, helping to dunk Mrs A in the baptistry and then finally saying a few words in front of the whole church. That is definitely well out of my comfort zone.

Mrs A painted her nails for the event!

Mrs A just happened to have her name down for church flowers this Sunday.

They were so beautiful.

Just like her.



Sorry no after pictures.

It was a lovely service and such an honour to be asked to help with this baptism. Afterwards the family and ourselves went to a local pub for a yummy Sunday roast. It was so great to meet some of Mrs A's family and apparently one of them reads my blog - hope Mrs J approves of what I have written.

Have had such a special weekend which was finished off with a sleep in the garden!

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