Friday, 14 September 2012

Bugs, Baby, Bike, Banner, Bairns and Blanket.

Our home seems to be invaded by some crawling insects - spiders seem to be loving our tall ceilings, bugs in the bathroom sink and one decided to sit on top of my ironing.

This bug was n my ironing.

This one in the bathroom sink.

This creature on the bathroom shelf.

Now to quilts - one of the ladies who comes to the craft group has made her first ever quilt and it is all hand sewn! She decided she wanted to use some of her girls dresses from when they were small. I have to say this lady is retired and what an amazing job she has done. I'm so proud of her for what she has achieved. Sadly her husband died last year - he would have been so pleased with what she has made. It lays proudly on her bed.

Also another photograph from the craft group - our newest and youngest member.

He's soooo cute! The cardigan was knitted by one of the group. Not in baby blue as mummy isn't keen on that colour.

Saw this banner made in a local library - what a wonderful way to advertise your group. No prizes for guessing our group is now going to make one too.

Decided this week to start doing some more exercising and so Mr P fixed the puncture in my bicycle, gave it an oil. Trouble is I'm not a natural cyclist and so when I go down hill I brake because it is too scary. I must be the only person going slower downhill than uphill!

It's a bit of an old bike that I bought from France in a bric a brac shop. Mrs A and her hubby were rather rude about my bike. But I rather like it and it has a cute basket and it's pink!

Realised tonight that all my grown up baby chicks are in different countries. No 1 is in Northern Ireland, No 2 in America (where he was born), No 3 in Geneve and No 4 in Scotland - ooooh. I can't go cluck, cluck and gather them all in.

After weeks after of trying to crochet - I have finally finished my husband's blanket. It started off with some nice wool that I bought from a charity shop for very little money. Then realised whilst last up in Northumberland that I didn't have enough wool so I had to buy some more from the wonderful wool shop in Berwick (looks old fashioned but they are brilliant). I am reluctantly going to show you all a picture as it displays a true beginner! But we all have to start somewhere and Mr P approves. Actually I have already christened it last Sunday when I fell asleep doing some of it!

And finally having overdone it with my elbow I decided tonight to do some sewing and made this cute owl out of some felt.

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  1. Just read the bit about cycling. I brake when I go downhill too! Nathan tells me off for it and doesn't seem to understand why I do it.

    PS Hope you're feeling better.