Wednesday, 5 September 2012


YEP - I'm well and truly hooked / I've got the crochet bug. Have taught myself, along with some help from Mrs A and my son's girlfriend to do a basic granny square. The desire to start crocheting came from Lucy at Attic 24 I just love all the things she makes and the bright colours she uses, very inspirational. So have now completed a cushion and have done enough to make half of another cushion! Think I should have done another row of squares as it seems to have come out a bit tight across the front (and I'm not referring to my figure!). The back was made with a jumper I bought for a £1 from a charity shop. Again there is a picture tutorial on Lucy's blog for this too. The only reason I haven't managed to complete the next cushion is that I rather overdid the crocheting on holiday and have got a repetitive strain injury, so need to give my elbow some time to recover. Patience isn't a strong point for me. Having been into our local wool shop last weekend my injury seems to be a common place! I'm just picturing loads of women at physiotherapy with the therapists threatening to take their knitting needles
away if they don't crochet for sensible lengths of time! So that's discussed my elbow now my cold! Yes I come back from a lovely holiday to a stinking cold, which has lasted a good week. Now I'm left feeling as if I'm in a bubble, because my ears are blocked. I can remember it didn't seem that long ago when I had a cold it went within a few days - don't like this getting old business.

Well the green beans have been a real success. It seemed as if nothing was happening for ages and then all of a sudden the plants went from a few tiny beans to masses and masses overnight. They taste so yummy, no stringy bits. Was so worthwhile all that work back in spring covering them over every night when there was to be a frost. I shall surely grow some more next year.

Tomato plants - well they are interesting! I don't think I'll be winning any prizes. OK I went on holiday and the greenery went mad. Hidden underneath were all these tomatoes. I don't know if they'll ripen up otherwise I shall be hunting for recipes for green tomatoes!

Meant to to mention in my last blog whilst away and busy crocheting I listened to "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen". It was fantastic, just want to recommend it. Well time for my dinner and first choir practice this autumn. We shall be singing Handel's "Israel in Egypt", in November. Not too sure I like it but then I always start the term thinking I'm not too keen and the more I learn the music the more I get to like it - so we shall see.

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