Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Enforced RICE

Oh dear I have a very short blog today. Friday night was one of those glorious sunny summer evenings and Mr P and I decided to go to Foxton Locks and take the longer route so that we could spend quality time together whilst enjoying the surroundings.

Along the route, near to the start, is a lovely old traditional pig - a bit like this one.

So I went up to the fence to say hello, but he was further back and a new fence had been erected to prevent the pig getting so close to us. So disappointed I bade farewell and noticed a big hole in the grass verge. I thought golly I could have tripped on that! But as I was thinking this I go and fall! There was another hole! Oh it was not pleasant. It was one of those times when you know that you have hurt yourself a bit more than you want to. Mr P is busy trying to talk to me but only swear words are coming out of my mouth! Not helpful I know but saying "oh golly I have hurt myself" just doesn't work for me. I need to be more dramatic! It was obvious watching my ankle swell up that the lovely walk had gone out of the window. All that we could do was rest on the grass verge until I felt able to get up and hobble back to the car. Back home it was enforced RICE - rest, ice (bag of birds eye frozen peas - kept thinking what a waste), compression and elevation. Oh and some ibuprofen. Next day I dreaded getting out of bed but the RICE had done its job and I was remarkably able to get myself down the stairs without any swear words!

Saturday was another glorious day and I was soooo disappointed not to have been able to go out on a bike ride. But I managed to persuade Mrs A to accompany me for another trip to Foxton Locks. But this time it was to the tourist car park, with a picnic, to do a spot of boat and people watching. We spent the whole afternoon on a bench just observing everyone. It was a great rest and a great way to keep myself occupied without being cooped up in the house.

Sunday I was able to drive the minibus for church and this week my ankle is still swollen and sore but I can walk about fine. So I think I got off lightly. Well next blog will be more grandchildren pictures as the Bristol family are here for the weekend. Have a good week.

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