Monday, 6 July 2015

Wrennie and I - Rutland Water.

One of my current loves is my ebike. I bought her 9 months ago and have managed to cycle at least 75% of my working days. The only times I have not cycled has been due to excessive rain, snow, and if I HAD to use the car for work. I have come to resent any days that I cannot use her. It's difficult to explain how I exactly feel, but somehow I feel liberated. As it has a battery to help with the pedalling it does mean I can arrive at work not smelling! Well what with all the lovely weather the UK has had during the last week I decided it was time that Wrennie and I went somewhere more for pleasure rather than avoiding being hit by cars, in busy Leicester! So I studied the internet and came up with Rutland Water. Now I looked at various sites and there seems to be a discrepancy with the mileage some say 23 miles and others 25 miles! Goodness knows which is correct as I am having problems getting my bike computer to work. Saturday morning arrived and I hadn't even really told Mr P my thoughts as I was having doubts as to whether I would really do it or would I back out. But sadly we had a phone call, early Saturday morning, to inform us that one of the very special lovely old ladies at church had died in her sleep during the night. I then realised that I needed to grab the moment and cycle as you never know what is round the corner and stop being a wuss. With the help of Mr P, I checked my tyres, loaded Wrennie into the boot of the car and off we went into the blazing sun. Now so concerned was I as to whether I would have the guts that I forgot to think of suntan lotion - stupid me my arms paid for that mistake later. I do my utmost best not to get sunburn.

Well there was no going back, car parked, bike assembled, pack lunch and drink loaded, map bought. Time to get cycling. Oh it was delightful to be riding in the beautiful English countryside. The wild flowers swaying, butterflies dancing, birds singing etc etc. Golly days like this make me so happy to be living in the UK. Now unfortunately I couldn't get my camera to work. Later on Mr P sorted it out for me. So the only pictures I have were taken on my phone. I parked at Whitwell and headed in the anti clockwise direction as that direction is recommended by the Water Board. As I headed down the peninsula there was a sign saying "think cake" and as I came out of the 7 mile peninsula ride there was the local village hall(Egleton) raising money by selling wonderful homemade cakes and cuppas. Aha that was what the cake signs were all about. Well it would be rude to cycle by and not support them!

Mmmmm marzipan, cream and apricot cake! Yum yum. I have to say I thought the ride around the peninsula was the best bit. I guess it is a little quieter due to lack of car parks and facilities. Most of the ride was off the road, or it was on a special cycle track. So it was really lovely not to have to worry about any cars pulling out in front of me or swerving around me.

Lots of other people were making the most of the gorgeous weather and were out enjoying the the Water. I saw lots of people cycling, too numerous to count. But I did see a group of three people riding a bike built for three! I wanted to take a picture of them but never saw them again. Apparently these bikes are called "triples" or "triplets". I did hear them say that in order to start cycling they had to count 1,2,3. Sounds like hard work to me.

Then I passed Normanton Church.  
It is now de consecrated but used often for weddings. A few years ago Mr P and I had the privilege of attending a wedding here with some friends from Leeds. If you look carefully you can see there is a wedding taking place.

Within a few hours I had completed the ride, it came to an end all too soon. I loved it sooo much and I shall certainly cycle there again. I was going to stay a while and relax in the sunshine but due to being dopey and not taking suntan lotion I needed to get out of the direct sun. So I headed home but as I was driving back I realised that I was not far from where Mr P was playing cricket so I stopped at the ground.

Golly my timing was perfection as I say hello to him he is then called to go out and bat. So I stayed until he got bowled out. Have to be honest I find cricket rather boring but the setting was lovely and I think Mr P appreciated me popping by. Well back to work this week and the weather is looking rather more like its old self - grey and rainy! Oh well back to the usual English weather. Hope you all have a good week.

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