Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Barnsdale Gardens and A Crafting Update

Saturday was another glorious English summers day. Dad came over from Staffordshire and we headed out to Barnsdale Gardens, very near to Rutland WaterGeoff Hamilton designed the gardens whilst working for the BBC. 

 I just love being outside when the sun is shining. I guess spending the working week indoors drives this desire to be outside.

Someone with a sense of humour - making this topiary.

I rather liked this unusual plant - sure Mr P would say it was a "phallic"!

This was a children's garden, every few minutes smoke came from underneath the bridge. To the side there was a den constructed from a growing willow.

No problems with food for the bees here! The gardens were certainly buzzing, which was great to see knowing that we have a shortage of bees.

Now these brick constructions were early composters and when the compost was ready for use the whole thing had to be taken to pieces! Dad was saying that he doesn't use his composter anymore as he finds it too strenuous for his back. We did see a new design composter that looked a little like a cement mixer. It was circular on a stand and had a handle to rotate the composter. Now there's an idea for a presie for him.

Tortoiseshell butterfly enjoying the lilac flowers

Now as well as the bees the birds were having a great time pinching berries. I spotted this bird and cannot think what it is. I have come to the conclusion it is a female blackbird with a strange growth. Has anyone else any idea what this bird could be?

After lots of mooching around these inspirational gardens dad looks at his watch and we discover it is 6pm! Ah we had been there around 5 hours! What I really liked was that the gardens were designed into sizes that represented most peoples gardens. Lots of ideas to absorb and use for home.

Ok lets change gear and go onto another favourite subject - crafting.

It is really difficult to take a photo of my fern shawl as it curls at every edge. I am really enjoying knitting this shawl and can see the end is in sight. It will definitely need blocking. It will also have some tassels!


This is a small crochet shawl/scarf  Spun Gold by Kate Goldin. This I finished yesterday and I need to block it. The yarn is "purple haze" by Knitglobal - presie from a lovely friend!.

I have done a little bit more on my Indian Embroidery sampler.

Below I am going to add these washers! You'll have to wait and see as to how I am going to use them!

Last night I tried to make a top, well it went well until I went for a first try on and it was too small for my big belly! Fortunately I was only using some leftover cheap fabric, but I think I will try and add an extra panel in! Sewing clothes is surely a huge learning curve! Especially when you have curves like mine!

Well it's time to wish you all a great week, from a rather grey looking Leicester.

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