Sunday, 19 January 2014

Thoughts For The Week.

It has not been the most dynamic week but I guess I have some things to share with you. Sadly the beginning of the week saw the final demise of a faithful friend :(

We have had this coffee machine for about six years. It has been wonderful and given me loads of lovely espressos and lots of great long coffees for Mr P. So decided we would replace it with the same model machine but obviously costing more money. Sadly we ordered it from a lovely family company called   Harts of Stur.
The new machine was delivered prompto but unfortunately it was faulty. Also the quality of the machine was nothing compared to our old friend. Harts were wonderful and arranged for the machine to be collected asap. Hoping to be refunded tomorrow so that we can buy another coffee machine. Planning on getting a Gaggia Classic.  I am exhausted of reading up on so many reviews, suddenly feel an expert. Hope I have made the right choice!

Wednesday saw me take a short walk from an inner city surgery to a stationers. On my way I passed a small primary school. It must have been lunch time as the children were out in the play ground. It struck me then that it doesn't matter where you are in the country or what year we are in the noise from the children remains the same. Such a lovely sound and then it took me back to memories of No 1 child being at primary school. She went to a school in Ealing Broadway, London and the playground backed onto some shops. Sometimes we would have a coffee in the large department store because the upstairs cafe overlooked the playground. It was great watching the children play, also it reassured us that she did have friends to play with.

Saturday Mr P and I went out and had breakfast in Leicester. Great to have this new challenge - to spend more time with each other. Afterwards we went and looked at coffee machines and then had fun in John Lewis trying out their settees. Our settee, which we were given from my parents some years ago, is reaching the end of its life. We are having to put cushions under the seat cushions as they are sooooo flat! Also a lot of the fabric is wearing, fraying etc. There were some lovely sofas but oooh what a price and I have no idea how much the chairs were. So think we will have to start saving up!

Nearly forgot but I have been going around with a smile on my face everytime I think of my grandson - Rowan. He has been started on mixed feeding and has been enjoying trying different foods but not this one!

He did not like the peas! But my daughter thought she'd try them again later on in the week.

Apparently she turned her back for a few seconds and this is what he did with his mushy peas!

Finally you remember me telling you about the shawl I am knitting - well I have at long last finished knitting the rows of the spots.

Yesterday afternoon I started practising the lace edging with some other wool. But oh I just could not get it right! For literally hours I tried and then I started reading comments on the knitting website Ravelry. Lots of people saying they didn't have enough wool and others also struggling over the edging, but no one saying how they ended up solving the problem. Then I discovered there had been a "knit along" for this shawl and eventually someone had posted this helpful web page with a tutorial for doing edgings. Thank you soooo much. The penny dropped with a large bang! I had been trying to do the edging by continuing along the line of knitting whereas in fact you have to knit it at a different angle. Oh I am soooo thick! But I didn't want to give in and do something different like some others have done(not that I blame them).

Ta dah two points completed only another 109 to go! Just hope I have enough wool! Well I have to finish blogging as I now need to go and drive up to Leeds as I have a dentist appointment at 08:30 tomorrow. I am such a baby that I still insist on  going back to the same dentist!

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