Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Here We Are A New Year Again.

Golly 2014 has started off rather wet, wild and windy for the UK. Whilst in Berwick we noticed they were preparing for floods. So many places to the western and southern side of the UK have suffered badly with flood damage. But this is probably nothing compared to lots of you in other countries. A friend from Canada said that it was minus 28 with windchill and there were four foot high snowdrifts in her garden! She has a dog whose legs are only six inches long - rather difficult for him to do his business in the garden!

Well closer to home - the decorations have now been tucked neatly away in their boxes ready for next Christmas. The room looked rather bare so I decided to move some furniture around to give it a new lease of life. The Christmas cake is now only a small piece left and the decorations have been washed and ready to be stored away. SADLY we still have some chocolates left! More temptations to eat yummy food when my stomach is saying "for goodness sake eat healthily!"

As I am waiting for some more wool, to be delivered in the post, to continue my shawl knitting I decided it was time for some small creativity. I liked these three Christmas cards (perhaps because we have not had any snow)! So I decided to make a wall hanging! Probably a bit mad - but hey ho!

What I do like about post Christmas is being able to get back into the rhythm of every day life. Although outside all looks gloomy - my twinkling lights, candles help cheer me. At the start of the year I also like to see bulbs growing on my kitchen window sill - reminding me that this weather will not last for ever and spring will come again. 

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