Sunday, 12 January 2014


I don't know whether it is me getting older - but I like the weather to be doing what it should be doing for the appropriate time for each season. To me as it is January then it should be cold and not mild! So when I got up today and saw the frost and the sun shining my heart sang for joy and I opted to walk to church to enjoy the experience.

I know this is just grass and some weeds - but to me they look so exciting covered in their icing sugar!

Read this poem about frost by Brian Kirkham and just loved it.


Frost awaits, till you are asleep
then under cover of cold he'll creep
creating his unique watery grain
and spreading across the window pane

Spreading crystals 'cross the glass
painting windows as minutes pass
creating a most wintry scene
leaving ice in gaps between
Just love the idea of the frost waiting to come out whilst we are asleep!

Golly seeing broken puddles of ice took me back to a memory of childhood - racing to school to break the ice with my wellies!

So great to see winter Jasmine - to see yellow when so much is looking brown and grey / rather drab.

Sorry the photo is out of focus but I thought it rather unusual to be seeing "Pink" berries! Should they not be red?

Back home I notice the first signs of some snowdrops beginning to surface.

I do not know what this bush is called but the chickens like to attack it. Talking of the girlies I was looking back at January 2013 blogs and by this time they had started to lay some eggs. I informed them of this but no action has occurred since I talked to them!

I could not bring myself to chop the Christmas tree up yet as it is still looking so healthy but have decided to start to decorate it outside for the birds!

Finally I thought I'd show you my latest craft project.

I bought the wool and pattern from the wonderful Loop Knitting Shop in Islington, London. Had to get another ball as I ran out but am enjoying this project - except for the fact that it starts with only 3 stitches and ends up with 667 stitches. I'd rather start with the large number and decrease. But hey ho that's the way it is and I shall have the fun of doing the lacy knitting at the end.

Well I can smell my roast chicken dinner cooking and I am being a good wife and steaming Mr P a treacle sponge pudding to go with some delicious custard. So bye for now.

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