Friday, 12 December 2014


Life is just full of surprises some good and some not so good.

Last Sunday I had my first surprise. As I was driving along the London Road I looked in my rear mirror, like you are supposed to do, and I found myself having to look several times. As what I saw was this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't worry I didn't take this picture whilst driving, my daughter was with me! I think he must have come from the Santa fun run for charity.

Don't think I had any  surprises on Monday. Tuesday was the works meal, at lunch time. Now the food was nothing to get excited about. In fact I doubt whether there was any genuine fresh food on the plate! Supposed to have been a Christmas dinner but I think it was a chemical mix of food that look like a turkey dinner! Went outside to collect my bike to go to my next clinic and had a nasty surprise! Arghhhhhhhhhh! Someone had stolen my saddle! Now that would have been very painful to try and ride. Fortunately my very kind manager did some amazing tricks with her car seats and got my bike and belongings in before I had managed to finish a call to the bike shop. She chauffeured me to the bike shop to get a replacement - at an ouch price of £46! Then she took me to my clinic. I amazingly managed to arrive just a few minutes late.

Tuesday evening's surprise was from one of my daughter's to say she's not well. Also that the baby she's carrying is getting a move on and is measuring a few weeks bigger. So it's a good job I've ordered the wool to crochet a blanket. Baby is due 24th January but maybe sooner. I'd better get a move on!

Wednesday I had a phone call from the police. Number four surprise   and perhaps number five surprise. Firstly that they even bothered to call me back after reporting the theft. Secondly was the content of the conversation which went like this. "How have you been getting on with your investigations?" My response was something like "urgh?" "Well we don't want to be duplicating the work!" Apparently the police thought I might have been to the pub where the theft had happened and watched the ctv footage. Was I supposed to go and find the thieves and arrest them?

Thursday's surprise was watching the chickens. With their new house comes a door that opens and shuts automatically according to how light or dark it is. Well this morning I watched them barge out whilst the door was trying to open - just like small children, inpatient to wait for it to fully open! It was so funny to watch.

Lets see what the weekend has to offer?

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